The Best Morning Routines To Make Your Days Very Productive

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Have you been thinking of the best morning routines to make your days very productive? In this article, you will get to know just that.

Routines… We all need it to be part of us everyday – It’s necessary. Though going with the right routines at the right time is even better.

There are some things you do because you just felt like doing them, but are there those you do because have a purpose for doing them?

Truth be told, routines are not done by people just because they felt like doing them, they have a reasons for doing them.

Well selected routines keeps you organized, engaged, happy, motivated, healthy and productive.

On the other hand, if you don’t select the right morning routines, you may not be able to get the desired results you wanted.

So, I want to share with you those morning routines that when put together appropriately, it will make your days very productive.

Let’s dive in.

1. Plan ahead

Everything great thing starts with good planning.

You wouldn’t want to end up ruin something, all because you failed to plan on how you’re going to carry out you activities the next day.

To really enjoy the benefits of morning routines, you need to plan for it, too.

That means all you are going to do the next day should be planned accordingly, so that you will be able to do them all swiftly according to plan.

Although, planning ahead is not done in the morning, but I stated it because it’s a gateway to proper morning routines.

If you rather choose to wake up in the morning, taking out your morning routines and all you would love to do for that day without planning ahead, you will not do them all effectively.

Worst of it all, you may even end up missing out on some things.

In that case, planning ahead of another day will make you carry out your morning routines judiciously, and keep you organized through out the day.

Not only will planning ahead help you carry out your morning routines judiciously, it will also help you manage your time and schedule.

2. Rise up earlier

Early risers tend to achieve more big wins than late risers.

Let’s say you plan on going for a jog the next morning, after that, you want to quickly tidy up your home before you leave for work.

All these are big wins at the cost of rising up earlier, but you do need to wake earlier to crush these big wins before going to work.

Let’s say work starts at exactly 8:00am, and jogging takes about 1 hour 30 minutes, getting up by 7:00am is not ideal.

Like you already know, waking up by 7:00am to carry out your morning routines and heading to work by 8:00am is not guaranteed.

Apart from the fact that you won’t carry out your morning routines effectively, you may end up missing some. At worst, you may find yourself running very late to work.

In order to avoid all these, waking up by at least 6:00am would be okay.

However, if you can wake up by 5:00am, it’s even better. The earlier you wake up, the better.

The ealier you wake up, the more time you have to carry out more important routines effectively.

3. Master your big wins in the morning

Everyone has his or her big wins in the morning. My big wins in the morning may not be the same as yours.

For example, washing the dishes and dressing my bed when I get up in the morning could be my big wins.

Yours could be watering the garden and taking the trash away every morning.

Whatever yours are anyway, just make sure they are big wins you have mastered, and you do them effectively every morning.

These things you consider as little things are very important because you take advantage of your rising up early every morning.

If you don’t do them that time, the time will be wasted, and you may not be able to do them again especially if you have a busy schedule with lots activities.

Also, if you don’t take those few minutes you have the energy to do them, they would still remain the way you left them.

Sadly, they just remain that way, pile up and get huge for you to do when you are so tired or got little or no time to do them.

4. Meditate in the morning

Did you know that of all times to meditate, the best time to do it is the morning?

The reason is because in the morning, your mind is absolutely free and clear before the stress of the day begins to jump in.

When you wake up in morning, your thought is clear and you can stay very focused until you progress deeper into the day.

Since meditation is healthy for the soul and well-being, why not do it at the best time, as you pick something positive to motivate deeply on?

Start that day with positive vibes that will carry you through out the day.

Take advantage of your clear mind in the morning and occupy it with positive thoughts that last all day.

Ideally, you would want to do this meditation as early as possible after you wake in the morning.

The length of the meditation will depend on how early you wake up.

Before negative thoughts troops in, fill that mind with positive thoughts and carry positive vibes that will fuel your creative juices.

5. Exercise

As you go to work, do you businesses and carry out other activities, you already know you need to be strong and healthy.

Exercising in morning as part of your morning routines will keep you strong and healthy.

That is why it is important you exercise every morning because it keeps the body system working soundly.

It also makes makes you sleep better, makes your brain more active and smarter, thereby, boosting your performance at work.

Not to mention, you’ll have better mood.

So if you had love to work through the day at work with a better mood, those early morning exercises will help with that.

You also know that working strong and healthy and being happy working boost productivity at work, so give it a shot.

You can do some push-ups and sit-ups if you wish, but going for a jog is ideal, as long as you manage your time well.

6. Decide things you want to change

Just as everyday is another chance for improvement, so is everyday a chance for you to change one or two things.

But you have to decide to change something first.

You will not be making good use of a day if you don’t decide to change somethings you don’t admire.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth, then proceed to changing that thing.

Whatever it is you have decided you want to change, try not to let that day pass by without you working on changing that thing.

You’ll notice that when you decide to change something a day, you’ll feel less burden and gain better energy.

However, this is not a “the days I feel like” kind of thing. It is an every morning thing to work on.

7. Practice words of affirmation

Before you step out for the day, make sure you have affirmed yourself with the right words.

Those words that you are positive about what the outcome of it would be.

As long as you make up your mind not to stay in the danger zone, but to get out from the danger zone and make great things done.

Believe you are going to overcome every challenges you’re facing, then back it up with the right words.

By doing this, you’re indirectly supporting and encouraging yourself. The best of it all is that gradually build your mental strength.

Whatever your words of affirmation are, go ahead and use them, as long as you use them to subdue your challenges.

If it seems like you only said the words to make yourself feel good, you know you’re not using your words of affirmation the right way.

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