The Benefits of Reading Books People Hardly Knows

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Reading books

Most people haven’t yet known the benefits of reading books. Some feel like it’s of no use, but I stand to disagree with that. I mean it

Maybe if people had known the amazing benefits of reading books, by now, everyone would have been living Extraordinarily everyday.

Many people don’t seem to see any benefit from reading, but is that supposed to be true?

Could it be true that reading books never benefit’s anyone apart from passing time, or fun of it as a hobby?

That’s not true. In fact, reading of books has proven to help in building great men we have in our societies today.

That’s right, good books has the capacity to change your life, depending on the kind of books you choose to read, and the level of interest you put in.

Also, reading can change your personality, but it still has to do with picking the right books.

For example, you have books in different categories.

so, picking books related to personal development is part of the logic behind it.

Reading can affect your life positively in terms of intelligence, skills, creativity, health-wise, and degree of focus.

You should learn to cultivate the habit of reading everyday to utilize your spare times and use it to grow yourself in various aspects, as the days goes by.

Because when you read books everyday, it serves as an opportunity to learn new things and improve your life dramatically.

Keeping up with books to gain the benefits of reading

Reading a book can elevate you to greater hights and encourage you to read more and more of them.

Nevertheless, if reading can’t be a part of you, then it may get really difficult for you to take some hours of your day to grab a book and read.

In that case, you need to come with strategies on how you can improve reading, then gradually, you develop passion for it.

The strategies that improves reading you should practice includes :

  • Start with smaller books – this will help you complete a book, so you don’t dumb them and kill the passion for reading.
  • Read books that interest you – you definitely don’t want to end up with books that will bore you, you will lose interest in reading before you even know it.
  • Decide why you want to read a book – this will make sure you have a motive behind reading a book, to keep yourself motivated for the completion of it.
  • Set a deadline for the completion of a book – by this, you will be able to challenge yourself to complete it and possibly move to another book.
  • Read in calm atmosphere – by reading in calm atmosphere, you will be able to get rid of distractions, so you can focus more and enjoy it.

Following the above strategies to improve reading will gradually grow your passion for reading books.

Why do people read?

It is important to note that, irrespective of the fact that people should cultivate the habit of reading, the purposes for reading books differs.

There’s really no specific purpose for reading, as there are different categories of books, so, you read a book for a different purpose.

It’s just that apart from the purposes for reading them, there are also many other benefits attached to them that are barely known.

The benefits of reading may not be a reason for reading a book, as they probably aren’t even aware of it’s benefits.

They could be reading a book for the fun of it or as a medium to grow themselves, and learn one or two things from it.

Degree of people’s interest in reading them

Since the rise of Internet, many people can now slide their smart phones out and get the information they need in matter of minutes.

This may cause some people to lose interest to read books, since they feel the information they needed is on the net.

However, the availability of contents online is not the only reason some people deviate from reading books, there are still hundreds of reasons for it.

But I know you think online content is the only reason. No, it’s not, for some people, money to buy a book may be the reason.

So yes, people still read books, and lots of it, when they get the opportunity to read one.

The millennials born in the generation of 1980s and mid 1990s read books too, because they have learnt to see the benefits of it.

Some countries at large reads very well in all aspects of reading generally, whether it’s a book or online content.

India for example, is a country that reads the most, whether books or online contents. Indians can spend an average of 9 – 11 hours in a day reading books.

Other countries like Thailand (2nd), China (3rd), Philippines (4th) and Egypt(5th) comes next after India.

There’s really no limit to which you can read a day, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your schedules, and you’re okay by how long you choose to read.

Encouragement to read and gain the benefits of reading

As well as reading a lot is good for you, the only time it could turn out to be bad is in terms of affecting the eyes.

But from all of it’s benefits, reading is never a waste of time, rather it is a means of utilizing your time more effectively.

Nevertheless, whether you read more or less, the return of benefits you get from it depends on how often you read.

In that case, reading cannot be bad for you on a more reasonable ground. The only negative effect to it could be eye damage.

But scheduling your time and area of reading properly is vital to control the possibilities of it damaging your eyes.

That’s why it’s very advisable to read more in day times, open areas with lots of light and reading with bright light.

Aside from this negative effect, it really goes along way with the various impacts you will achieve from it.

Speaking of impacts, Let’s take a look at those impacts you would enjoy from reading books :

The Benefits of reading and it’s value for children, students and adults

Below are the benefits of reading books you will achieve anywhere and anytime :

1. Stimulates the brain

Your brain is a muscle, so, the more you read, the more it keeps your brain active.

Thereby, stimulating the muscles and the tissues, nerve cells, non-neuronal cells and blood vessels in your brain.

As a result of all these, it acts as a medium to regularly keep the brain the active and fit.

This then results into building your brain, and more importantly, results to making the brain smarter and more active.

So yes, reading makes you smarter from how it stimulates your brain while you carry out the reading process.

2. Updates you

Incase you are the kind of person who loves being up to date about things, then reading books is one way to go about it.

Being updated is also a good way to improve yourself, making yourself more conscious and knowledgeable about the society.

So, it’s a good deal for you. It doesn’t matter the book you’re reading, as long as you’re reading one.

This is why book readers seems to appear like they’re aware of everything, because they always grab new things to learn from every book they read.

The more you read and move from one book to another, the more you update yourself. You will get to know every latest happenings you can use to improve yourself.

3. Enhances your written and communication skills

There’s absolutely no way you can be a book reader without being an excellent writer and communicator.

This is because you get used to words, and as a result, you learn to use words strategically throughout your writing and communication.

This gets to stimulate your brain from the reading process to an extent that you will begin to incorporate words optimally and naturally into your writing skills.

The completion of a whole book is equivalent to 20% increase to your literary skills. That’s why literature students tend to read tons of books.

If you can imagine what it means to master how words are constructed to make real sense from bunch of text, then am sure you can relate with me on this.

4. Gets rid of stress

When you read books, it releases endorphins in your brain, your brain will then use these endorphins to relieve stress.

The endorphins are hormones produced in the brain. The relaxation mood you get at the time of reading, puts your brain in a good state.

This state helps to release those endorphins, and also helps to relieve stress from you.

It is important to form reading as a habit if you’re the kind of person that goes through any form of stress from time to time.

There are books that are filled with amusing scenarios that will sometimes make you smile or even laugh. Laughing is also another remedy to get rid of stress.

5. Improves memory

Just as it stimulates the brain, it also gives a significant boost to your memory as a result.

Have you ever been able to recall and tell your friends about a whole book you read simply because you love the book?

Ah yes, I know it can be amazing how you managed to do that, but that is how the brain works for you.

It has the capacity to recall bunch of memorable events.

Now, the more you read more of those books you like and recall them because you love them, the more you train your brain to recall things.

The moment you begin to recall everything you read from any book, that’s when you begin to improve your memory dramatically.

6. Enhances your vocabulary

Reading books is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Having collection of words you know how to use will depend on how you’re used to them.

That’s why book readers have good vocabulary. It becomes part of them as they read more and more books.

It is impossible for you to complete a book without being able to take note of certain words probably because you love them.

However, the good thing is that you will master how to use those words.

simply because you love them, and you got used to them.

In addition, as you also develop your written and communication skills, so does your vocabularies develop as well.

7. Improves your concentration power

The moment the habit of focus sets in as you become familiar with reading books, the more you develop your ability to concentrate.

Because human beings has low attention span and can get easily distracted, concentrating on papers with words for hours is the best training to develop concentration.

The more you get used to focusing on papers for hours, the more you develop yourself for the ability to concentrate in any situation you find yourself.

As long as you can avoid distractions and concentrate when you read books, you will slowly build your concentration power.

It is important you read books in quite places and learn how to get used to it.

8. Sharpens your power of imagination

If you’re that kind of person who is into mystery books, good for you, because I can’t imagine how your power of imagination rate will skyrocket.

Even though you don’t read mystery books, your power of imagination will still grow anyway.

There are sort of imaginary build ups that occurs on your mind when you read books.

This has got to do with how you imagine images in your head to match the words you read from the book.

Then slowly, without even going through words on a paper, you can come up with great imaginations by yourself, simply because you’ve mastered it.

9. Enhances your scope of knowledge

Just as learning never ends, so you get to learn new and interesting things from every single book you take to read.

Have you heard that readers are winners? This is because knowledge is power, and it’s from the books they read they acquired them.

Because learning is broad, so, one way you can comprehend these various aspects of learning is to read and read.

Every book is written from the knowledge of someone.

So, to tap from that person’s knowledge means to read the book he or she wrote.

Imagine reading tons of books of from different people with different knowledge, that literally means piling up thousands of knowledge in adding to yours.

Wrap up

Developing a healthy habit of reading books has the capacity to transform your life for good.

Also, matching that habit with the right books goes a long way as well. While picking the right ones, bear in mind that you’re utilizing your time.

Make sure you put in proper strategies that will enable you build your passion to keep up with reading them.

People are still reading books. No matter the limitations of reading reading them, it’s benefits can’t be forfeited for those limitations.

Although, eye effects may be a negative effects of it, but with good usage of your time, lots of light and bright light while reading, it should take care of it.

Watch your life grow beyond expectations as you embark on it!

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