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Synonym For Intimidate And Why it Gets To You

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Last updated on May 30th, 2020 at 07:55 am

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Are you looking for the synonym for intimidate? You get to know that in this article and why intimidation gets to you without you knowing.

I can guess why you try to know the synonym for intimidate, but as important as it is, so is knowing why you could sometimes experience it.

Intimidation occurs in our society anytime, anywhere and anyhow. but irrespective of this, humans triggers it, too.

To be Intimidated by Someone or occurrences is something that people are not happy about or like to experience.

The word Intimidate simply means to frighten or threaten someone, so that they will do what you want.

However, in order to make this article correspond with my purpose of even writing it, and to carry you along

I will simply put it as an uncomfortable instance of feeling frightened and not confident in a particular situation.

Now, when someone is intimidated by you, it means you made the person feel uncomfortable, threatened or less confident by your presence or actions.

As you can see, you’re not to be blamed when the person is frightened by your mare presence, that’s on the person’s side.

Unless you oppress, display arrogance in your top position or bully as well, then yes, that person is been intimidated by you.

You definitely don’t need one to tell you that people hate intimidation. You want to live your life and probably make impacts in the society.

but the truth here is this ; everyone has different level of self-esteem.

Now, that is the bone of contention here. Some people have low self-esteem, while others have high self-esteem..

Developing self-esteem to control synonym for intimidate

It’s not difficult to actually tell if one has high self-esteem or low self-esteem, it all depends on how they carry themselves.

Do they seem not to care and walk with their shoulders high? or do they beat themselves up over every little thing?

This is exactly what determines whether a person has low self-esteem or high self-esteem.

Whatever the level of self-esteem though, it all depends on how the person develops his or hers.

To develop the self-esteem though, you have to start with how you groom yourself and how you prepare yourself.

This is the basics though, to leverage your self-esteem.

Like I mentioned earlier about why may want to know the intimidating synonym, using the word ‘intimidation’ on you may not sound cool at all.

So in order to make the whole thing seem cool, I had preferred to use the intimidate synonym rather.

Sure, intimidation is never something to be proud of, especially when you are at the receiving end of it.

Whether the intimidate synonym seem better to use, you still have to make efforts to get rid of intimidation.

That is why I want to also let you know how you let it get to without even realizing it.

Atleast, starting with knowing how you let it get to you will be the first step to building your self-esteem.

Intimidate Synonym, Examples and Antonyms

The synonym for intimation comes in either the case of someone or occurrences. So you can see it’s broad.

But in order to make the synonym for intimidate clear in the of someone, it means to threaten, bully or simply take advantage of someone’s low self-esteem or confidence.

In the case of occurrences, it means to be frightened, uncomfortable, worried or not just being confident in a situation.

The synonym for intimidate or the intimidate synonym are abash, dishearten and oppress.

Apart from the synonym for intimidate, the antonyms or the intimidate antonym however, are embolden and reassure.

How do you stop intimidation / synonym for intimidate

Am going to give you a honest answer on this, and that is to leverage your self-esteem with proper grooming and preparations.

Why do you have to leverage your self-esteem with proper grooming and preparations to stop humiliation and intimidation?

That is because when you groom and prepare yourself well, your confidence begins to grow.

It’s also true, as people tend to see well groomed and prepared people as organized people who takes care of themselves.

When they see this in you, they return it in respect to what they perceive about you and give you your space and respect.

Aside from that, if you can’t show up looking well groomed, prepared and organized, you’re hurting your self-esteem, by yourself.

Unless you got it super in-built (which is rare) else, it is better you begin to develop it.

If you don’t, you can’t fake it.

However, intimidating people and those into intimidating others can see those loophole, then sense you don’t have it, so they take advantage.

Incase you see no reason to step it up still, well I got a surprise for you :

When you don’t keep up with good game of grooming and preparations, the oppresors and bullies will sense it, and you know what? They will utilize it.

Yeah, they will attack and fist on you with claws

To what measures can it be perceived?

Am not going to judge you know, but seemingly, those in top class positions may seem dominating to their opposites.

Well, maybe they appear tough, act tough, seem rude, bullies or seem pompous at their top class positions.

These alone are enough to intimidate a low self-esteemed person.

Poor people. I won’t blame them, there have to be differences in our lives, I guess.

Are you beginning to give up? No, don’t do that my friend, that’s the reason the brought this article to your eyeballs.

At least, you know what puts you at the edge of your seat!

Mind you that some don’t know how they find themselves at the edge of their seats.

As long as you feel nervous, frightened or worried, the situation or person you find yourself with is intimidating you.

The unlawful intimidation

Some countries with strict human rights and laws see intimidation as a crime though, depending on the extent to which it affects the victim.

So, unlawful intimidation is an example of what am talking about, such as tempering with the person’s human rights or heavy attacks.

In such countries, you can sue the offender with righful claims that it is an unlawful intimidation.

However, intimidation in form of harrasment may not be perceived as the unlawful intimidation.

Different from being intimidated by Someone unlawfully though, the other forms of it like harrasment aren’t seen as unlawful.

If at all you are in the presence of a person or situation, it only takes some minutes for you to discover and keep your cool.

However, if it exceeds minutes, hours, days and weeks and you still can’t keep you cool, sorry, you are dealing with an intimidating person.

Anyway, in most cases, its your fault that you fall a victim.

Times you let intimidation get to you

I will elaborate those instances you let people and occurrences to intimidate you.

Hopefully, you will find one or two places where you fall in and make corrections from it.

Let’s get started.

1. Unprepared to interviews

Unless you have experienced it, you may not understand the tension that could come with it.

This is especially true when you have not really prepared yourself for it, especially with the kind of interview or interviewer you will be facing.

No doubt, some interviewers may make it easy for you, while others will make it tough for you.

Some may even make it seem like they got some personal issues with you.

However, whatever the situation may be, just keep your cool and make sure you go in there fully prepared.

You have to know how to get ready for interviews.

Start by researching about the company, what the company is all about and get a good knowledge about the position the company is planning to give you.

Gather every vital information, ideas and materials you will need for the interview. By doing all this, you are giving your confidence level a boost.

Thereby, shaking off any sort of intimidation and feeling very confident to do very well at the interview, no matter who it is that will interview you.

Learn to master preparations, it will help you get organized and composed. Also, you will barely make mistakes as a result and come out with great results.

2. Poorly groomed when meeting up

Before I begin, do you know how to groom yourself? Seriously, I mean it. I mean proper grooming. Am talking about the model sort of grooming.

So, someone you vibed really well with sometime on social media or the Internet now requested that you guys should meet up?

Alright, that’s cool, but before you go, do you know your class and where you stand?

If you do, how about hers or his? Two things are involved here ; you either know or you don’t know.

Now, if you know and you still decide to go poorly groomed, you are looking for trouble and you don’t want that, as you are not sure of the person’s character.

Even though you are sure, make sure you look good as possible before stepping out from the door.

When you see the person and you don’t look all cool, you are going to feel intimidated already, especially when the person starts acting up.

In addition, intimidation will tend to jump in at any time you feel you did something wrong, even when you didn’t.

If you really want to shake off intimidation and be at your very best, then look your best and dress as cool as you can.

Please note, its not a must you should look like Jay-Z or Beyonce, just look presentable and your confidence will be high.

3. Poorly dressed to occasions

Once in a while, we are all forced to find ourselves in one occasion or the other.

Take note that you really have no idea of who you could meet there.

The reason you shouldn’t go to occasions poorly groomed is because you meet different sort of people there.

You would definitely come across someone you may feel kind of intimidated by.

Its important you know that, looking good don’t just boost your confidence, it also makes people give you subtle hint of respect.

In occasions, different kinds and class of people will be gathered for it.

How about preparing ahead of the occasion? Let the clothes you want to wear match the occasion. Carry yourself the right way.

Take note of what to say and how to compose yourself, then you know you have built a mental preparation to match with your physical presence.

The occasion is what you make you out of it, depending on how you prepared for it. If it looks like you came as a winner, you’ll feel as a winner throughout.

4. Unprepared to examinations

There is nothing as bad as going into the examination hall and having nothing to put down.

What were you thinking? To go in there and invoke some magic? Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

You experienced lack of idea and confidence to go with because you weren’t prepared for it in the first place.

I have to tell you that the number one reason you did not do well was because of the fear of getting into the examination.

There you got quite a number of people – students who are smart and more intelligent than you.

All of these are beginning to put fear in you. you begin to feel like : “why do my fellow students intimidate me by the way?”.

No, you evoked it when you refused to let your confidence work for you, by being very prepared for the examination.

Do all the necessary to be prepared, and you will grow your confidence ten times higher. It is very important for success.

Also, don’t feel reluctant to read books. Not just that it prepares you better for examination.

It also sharpens the brain, expands knowledge and improves written and communication skills.

Now, there you have it. Before I wrap things up, here are more hints on how to shake off intimidation :

1. Be prepared

The major key to shaking off intimidation is preparation. Being prepared at anything is due to give you a boost in confidence.

One thing some people fail to know is that confidence and self-esteem goes hand-in-hand.

Confidence is needed for self-esteem to be active. So, your high self-esteem depends on how you far you have built your confidence.

2. proper understanding

With proper understanding, you get to know about the kind of person or situation you are dealing with. you control how certain people intimidate you.

When you have good understanding of people, you begin to lay strategies and know how to control intimidation based on the person’s character.

Also, it helps you to understand who you are, know your worth and reject any desperation.

If you can reject desperation, you stand against going extra miles in doing what you would not want to do.

Therefore, resisting the fear that a person or situation is trying to push you into.

If you really don’t want anyone or occurrences to intimidate you, take the right steps from now henceforth.

Wrap up

Haven known the synonym for intimidate, it also important to know that intimidation can be self-triggered as well as it gets to some people.

Someone can give way for intimidation, especially when they have failed to build their confidence.

However, to build that confidence and self-esteem, it starts with proper grooming and mastering good preparations.

Make sure you put efforts to give people the impression that you are confident in yourself, and you respect yourself as well as others by how you groom and organize yourself.

This way, they will learn to know that you know your stuff, and knowing you won’t tolerate being pushed around. Let it reflect in your grooming and preparations.

People respect these sort of things in someone, and they will definitely give you your space. Also, they will know you aren’t in for child’s play.

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