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5 Easy Ways You Can Control Pressures in Life

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Last updated on June 28th, 2020 at 12:26 pm

Controlling pressures in life is important because it also determines your overall health and well-being. Here are five easy ways to control these pressures.

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Photo Credit: Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Humans can be subject to working and living under pressure in life. But while it may come naturally, sometimes, it can also be self-propelled.

It could be a case of natural stress and pressure or the case of self-propelled stress and pressure.

While the natural pressures in life happen on its own, most times at work, the self-propelled pressures are been triggered by certain things you do.

In spite of this, when these self-propelled pressures come up in your life, you most likely aren’t aware you evoked it, but you could feel it.

Let’s go through this piece and find out some easy ways you can use to prevent these self-propelled pressures in life.

Pressures at work

Pressures at work aren’t usually self-propelled, but rather, the unease at which you find yourself getting that work done.

Being given heavy tasks doesn’t seem to be fun, so you will most likely find yourself looking for all possible ways to get rid of the pressure while getting that task done.

However, to figure out how to control this stress and pressure at work, here are things to take note of:

First, you have to accept that you were given those heavy tasks because you were considered as being able to take care of them.

Find out what strengthens your mental strength and gives you the mental toughness to carry out your tasks at ease.

Secondly, try to develop a passion for that particular work you do.

Thirdly, try as much as possible to improve your mood. Also, try to boost energy levels – physically and mentally, especially when trying to accomplish some difficult tasks.

With the right mood and energy at work, you will be able to ease the pressure and work diligently without feeling much pressure.

One of the best ways to fight stress and pressure naturally is to reduce the tension with a good laugh, better mood, and high energy.

Many people put their life at risk as a result of stress without realizing it, and when they have realized, it will be too late by then.

This makes it very important for one to know how to go about controlling pressure, stress, and anxiety.

Pressures in life off work

Unlike the pressure at work which is not self-propelled, pressure off work is generally self-propelled.

They’re things you do over and over again without realizing its negative effects on you.

Sadly, what most people fail to understand is that the re-occurrence of this self-propelled pressure keeps generating certain feelings of anxiety.

However, in order for you to handle these pressures in life, you should be able to recognize those things that make you feel unease.

By recognizing those things, you will know exactly how to abstain from them.

Just as anxiety is the state of uneasiness, it gets triggered in the brain when you find certain things uneasy for you to deal with.

When this anxiety lingers for a very long time, it begins to intoxicate your mental toughness and just keeps generating more stress and pressure.

However, anxiety can barely get one killed, but it weighs one down when it lingers for a long time without the right measures to control it.

In order to lower anxiety, you can begin to work on your mental strength, uplift your mood, and abstain from things you find uneasy.

And you can tell if you suffer from anxiety when you experience a state of mental uneasiness that keeps re-occurring at intervals.

Easy ways on how to control pressures in life

In order to deal with pressures in life relating to the self-propelled aspect, life instances surrounding it should be considered.

Below are the techniques, approaches, and strategies for controlling pressure, stress, and anxiety.

1. Avoid social media tantrum

I can’t agree any less on how social media has really grown to be part of our day to day activities.

Social media is cool, but you’d like to be very sure not to be deceived by certain things you see or hear there.

If for any reason you see or hear anything on social media, and in the next minutes you feel uneasy, it could be a sign you need to retreat a little.

Maybe you’re trying to beat what you saw there. If this is the case, it means you could be creating feelings of uneasiness.

It’s best you ask yourself if it’s worth the reason you decided to use social media.

If you can’t provide a valuable answer to that question or why you would want to beat yourself so hard to fit in there, you may need to switch your thought.

Switching your thought doesn’t mean pushing yourself too hard. But if that is the case, grab some popcorn and watch your favorite TV show.

I had advised you to breathe and give yourself rest, while you free yourself from that kind of pressure.

There are quite some other interesting and productive things to do in your free time.

Remember, social media is a place to interact with both friends and strangers.

Also, it’s for the purpose of socializing with people all over the world. Both those you know and those you don’t know.

In addition, some people aren’t real or true over there.

So, trying to beat whatever they set there could put you in some pressure.

It’s like running to catch up without your shoelace tight. I’ll leave you to imagine how possible that is.

2. Avoid imitating celebrities’ lifestyles

Celebrities are famous people who live luxurious lifestyles. Their way of life can seem very gracious.

Their lifestyle can be tempting to imitate by their fans. Sure, being a fan of celebrities is cool, but it shouldn’t be miss understood at the same time.

There’s a difference between being a fan of a celebrity as a mentor and being a fan of a celebrity to Imitate his or her lifestyle and flamboyant ways.

It will be beneficial if you can turn that into an advantage.

Short story:

Mbampe, the young France star was a huge fan of Christiano Ronaldo before he began his career in Football.

Mbampe never imitated Ronaldo’s way of living. What he did instead was to pick some things he could learn from Ronaldo as a mentor to him.

Today, Mbampe is living the kind of life Ronaldo is living, and he’s still in his youth age.

You can bet he wouldn’t have been able to live the kind of life Ronaldo is living if he had been trying to live like him. So what did he do instead?

He used that as a medium to pick the things he could use to achieve his goals.

You see, celebrities impact on the lives of their fans, but that’s only when the fan does his or her own part right.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities love to inspire and motivate their fans?

3. Utilize family pressure

The first two has no sort of personal relationship tied to you, and this brings us to the next two that has personal relationship attached to you.

This next two are parts where you need to be very confident and smart with your actions and decisions.

Family pressure here pertains to your family. It means being pressured by your family members to achieve one thing or the other.

Now, there’s something you should take into considerations:

If your family members don’t care about you, they won’t make efforts to put that pressure on you to try and achieve what they know is good for you.

The pressure they put on you is to ensure you achieve things they know would be worthwhile to you.

In that case, it will be best you listen to them. But if you don’t give them your listening ears, the pressures unknown will keep building.

Acting that way means you’re feeling reluctant to grow yourself and limit the pressures in your life.

If you keep doing so, it may escalate things on their side. Also, it will result in more pressure on your own side.

The best you could do in times like this is to accept what they say to you and take it into considerations. You should also make effort to show them positive results.

Avoid making them see negative impressions from you, as that could make them give up on trying their best.

But in case nobody in your family tells you the right things you’re supposed to do, let them know you’re cool by it. Learn to utilize family pressure for good.

Most times, your family members can recognize things you aren’t getting right, especially your parents.

4. Practice dictation with friends

When you have friends, it’s very important for you to be able to differentiate those you trust from those you don’t trust.

After you have differentiated them, the next step should be smart. You should be able to use that as a medium to judge the kind of reviews you get from them.

The fact that you have friends doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to dictate how your life goes and what goes on in your life.

If you can set some standards on the kind of friends you want in your life, then that’s a good place to start.

But detest the urge to imitate your friends’ extravagant way of living, so that you can control the pressures in your life.

If you must imitate your friends, let it be something that will add a positive impact on you, and that’s where the quality of friends you have comes into play.

I know how complicated it can be when choosing friends, but if you can figure out how to dictate with your friends, you make things easier for you.

However, there shouldn’t be many complications if you have already set out proper guidelines and prioritizing a cautious way of living.

When you get the right ones, make every effort to be open minded with them. They’re worth it.

5. Be smart with your competitors

Who are your competitors? Or who are those you perceive as your competitors?

I know a vast majority of people already have their list. Wow, you’re really good with a checklist.

Well, as cool as that may seem, have you ever thought about the proper way to go about it?

How about a hint? How about you work on improving and presenting yourself as ready to becoming victorious in the challenge?

Remember, world-class players didn’t get to where they’re by competing.

They didn’t get into competition with other players they felt were equal or better than them.

What they did was to improve themselves as much as they could to stand a chance of being ahead.

What most people probably don’t know is that competition involves the mind.

Therefore, in the process, it creates loopholes for a sense of difficulties and feelings of anxiety.

The need for you to achieve all those things that brought about the competition forces you to think and behave in certain ways that generate pressures in your life.

Because you can not succeed without hard work and implementing the right strategies.

“Sweat more in trianing and bleed less in war.”

You can use that as a guideline on how to go about with your competitors.

You don’t need to mount tasks on your mind and leave the body doing nothing.

Wrap up

It’s very possible for stress and pressure to be self-propelled on someone if he or she doesn’t find ways to control it.

It comes at work as well as outside work, but the difference is that at work it is not self-propelled like it is off work.

To handle pressure, stress, and anxiety the easy way, it has to do with how you monitor your mind and eliminating uneasy things you let to bother you.

Starting with utilizing these easy ways to control stress and pressure, you should notice a significant difference.

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