How to Stop Someone From Suicidal Attempt

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Suicidal attempt help

You can always help save others from suicidal attempt. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, you are at the right place to know how to do that.

Many always wish they could help, but that would be a thing of the past and save lives if practical ways to assist can be deployed.

People who attempt to take their lives could be going through difficult times but what measures have you put in to stabilize things?

This topic/article seem not to relate exactly to my niche sort of, but I did some serious digging due to the concerns.

Its been alarming lately how these suicidal attempts has been looming around and it’s kind of disturbing actually.

So, I got worried and decided to dig up these techniques to use in saving the lives of people that are threatened by suicide thoughts.

Often times, we hear and witness people commiting suicide and it really seems like nothing can be done, but it’s not true.

It hurts how these people have been so depressed and there wasn’t anyone to reach out to them.

Well, maybe people do but the proper techniques are not been used, that’s the reason this article came up.

You see, such people go through certain challenges.

when you come in to assist with the wrong strategies, actions and techniques, it leaves you with endless questions.

You next questions after it happens will be, “what really happened”?

“What really is the matter? I thought I was doing what I could to help”.

No, you didn’t. So, in order to assist you in such scenarios, techniques have been laid out to assist you, you just need to utilize opportunities.

I have gathered key techniques you can use to help such people when they attempt to commit suicide.

I do know you believe life is so precious and shouldn’t be wasted just like I do so, join me and let’s keep up with it.

So what measures should I take to help stop suicidal attempt?

Its pretty simple. Know the right techniques and actions to apply when the time calls for any.

Pay close attention and take note of instances where external assist is needed.

Here are the techniques you should be using :

1. Use the protective factors

You have heard people trying suicidal attempt or commiting suicides with all sorts of things.

These may be harmful objects and substances that are dangerous and toxic enough to take someone’s life.

Good you know about this but what you probably haven’t known yet is that, most times, such substances or objects are usually located within them.

It virtually remains there for quite some time anyway until they have searched for answers, looked for hope and can’t seem to get things straight.

The moment they give up searching, that’s when things get scary and an attempt is no longer a big deal.

That’s when they reach the 0 limit and can’t seem to stand it again, then they reach out to the closest harmful object or substance and that’s it.

Honestly, what you should really do is to ensure you protect them from doing such acts.

Do so by taking time to look for any harmful object or substance that may be found around them and get rid of them.

Make sure such things are no where to be found around them before they try any suicidal attempt. Loop

While you do this, its also important you don’t make it obvious to them.

just keep it all on a low key and keep up the good work, let them wonder rather.

2. Control the intoxications

Most times, before suiciders take their lives or attempt to do so, they are mostly intoxicated with one substance or the other.

Now, these substances that intoxicates them weren’t taken by them because they did so in order to take their lives at instance.

The reason is because of how depressed they are. They got intoxicated probably to make the pain fade away.

The end point is that when they get intoxicated, things gets out of hand.

they no longer have control over their thoughts and actions rather the reverse becomes the case here.

That’s is to say that, the intoxications now controls their actions and thoughts that they no longer think straight.

Even, the worst part of it all is that it could even begin to trigger their sense of hopelessness.

Also, haven controlling their thoughts, who knows what’s coming next.

Again, control how they temper around with intoxicated substances.

To make this techniques more adequate, be ready to be very watchful of them.

its important you keep close watch of them at all times and make sure they don’t go take it elsewhere.

3. Control the thoughts

Pay close attention to those who attempt to commit suicide.

Most times, they won’t come out and tell you that they want to harm themselves or that they want to take their lives.

They will rather pass subtle hints of it through their conversations with you before they attempt anything.

For example, imagine when someone tells you, “I can’t really understand what’s going on, I feel like am hopeless, like life isn’t worth it” please mark such words.

Those are negative thoughts of course and you and I knows this came from being frustrated of one thing or the other.

The best you could do at times like this when you hear such words from certain people, is to encourage them to be stronger and have hope.

As you can see, figuring it out is one thing, like I said, pay close attention to their words.

this way you will be able to figure out the thoughs to take note of and help change.

Its not just figuring it out, shifting their thoughts away from those negativities is another thing.

If you know how to control their thoughts, they will feel less vulnerable to attempt suicide.

It can be understable if you weren’t able to figure it out but figuring it out and not making efforts to fine tune the thoughts is a big NO.

4. Reach out to depressed ones

The earlier you reach out to depressed ones, the better.

Similarly to controling their thoughts, in this case its quite different.

you have to reach out to them since you have figured out that they are depressed in one way or the other.

Also, I will assume you now already know what caused their depression.

By knowing all this, you don’t need them to come to you and tell you stories of their lives before you can spring into actions.

Most times, their state of mind leaves them dying in their thoughts and barely opens up to anyone about it.

By just reaching out alone to depressed ones, it gives them feelings of love and care.

Also, when you control their thoughts, that’s when they begin to have hope and shift their thoughts away from the negative to positive.

The logic is clear.

When they get a sense of love and care, the fear of losing someone that cares about them creaps into their minds.

In addition, it aids in the efforts you have put in to control their thoughts.

5. Reduce the stressors

Just to make it clear to you, these stressors are direct or indirect pressures or worries caused by the problems in the lives of people trying to attempt suicide.

Take note that things can easily go wrong for these people when you don’t help reduce the stressors.

Now, how can you help reduce these stressors?

This is where you have to ask vital questions and figure out those things you think could be the stressors in their life.

If you are having hard times figuring out the actual stressors, get a second hand in place, preferably a psychologist.

once you have gathered all you need to get, consult a psychologist on behalf of the depressed the person.

After you have figured them out, a helping hand will really be useful here to control suicidal attempt.

Before you attempt to do that though, take note, its going to be more of mental than physical. So, be thoughtful when dealing with it.

Their emotions will probably be hurt at this point, in that case, make smart moves.

figure out possible ways as well to repair their emotions so that they don’t get to see the wrong perspective.

6. Examine the mental illness

If the state of the mind is not in good shape and suffers mental illness, there’s a problem.

be rest assured their actions and thoughts are not going to reason accordingly.

In most cases, all the depression, stress and frustration they must have encountered is due to result in some mental disorder.

This is probably when the whole frustration and depression that has been lingering for too long begins to cause mental illness.

One thing suiciders have in mind before their actions is that all their worries will vanish when they do that which is on their mind.

What they fail to realize is that, before that act, they were displaying certain acts of mental disorder.

That’s when you take advantage of their sub conscious acts over their thoughts of taking their worries.

If you should do that, make sure you examine their mental illness as well, and fast before they take their actions.

Once you can examine it and get some results concerning it, half of the deal is done.

The rest of it all should very much be under your control.

Wrap up

Although, many people has always wished they could help depressed one’s, but turns out they couldn’t.

That still doesn’t mean they can’t help depressed one’s, as long as they can stick to the tactics in helping them from suicidal attempt.

The help the depressed one’s needs are nothing but simple, and yet, tactical approach you can use.

These approaches will require good combination of one tactics and the other, so that it could very much be of help.

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