How to Pick Your Battles Like The Wise Guys

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Ever been wondering of how to Pick Your Battles? In this article, you shall get to know exactly how to do just that for life.

Wise guys don’t just pick random battles. If they must always win, retain and pride their crown, then they must pick their battles wisely.

Life battles are those life aspects we as humans cannot deal with. Despite that, even the most peaceful ones are sometimes tested with it.

We are likely to come across some of them in our life journey, but does that mean all should be jumped into because we sometimes have to face them?

I have to say no. There are always ones that doesn’t worth our time and energy. In other words, that is simply being smart with your battles.

Picking the right ones just like the wise guys, will prove worthy, and of course, you should expect to win such.

Picking the wrong ones however, just won’t make sense and you will waste your time and energy on a battle you won’t win.

This may not seem like an easy task to go with, but the fact remains that as long as you stick to standard guidelines, you should be fine.

The right battles to pick

Being able to figure out the right ones to fight if at all, is worth fighting. Unfortunately, figuring out how to pick the right battles may not seem easy.

But you don’t need worry. In this article, you will discover exactly how to do that.

What’s the point of fighting a battle you won’t win? This is what it seem like picking the wrong battles.

Wise guys don’t jump into any battle because to them, maintaining their crown and winning streak is more important to them.

The wise guys have also learnt to understand that some battles are just mare traps that may result in regrets later on. So all they have to do is to simply jump pass it.

However, if the wise guys eventually pick the right battles, they still make sure they deal with it the right way.

Wise person meaning

Often times, some people say wise people become wiser as they get older. While this could be true, wise guys are simply wise because they live constructively.

Being wise means the ability for you to show good judgment or the benefit of experience.

On the other hand, a wise person is someone who doesn’t go with the crowd, learns from every life experience and uses them to make his or her decisions.

If you feel wise, you will feel like a winner who wouldn’t allow large opinion to steal his glory, and wouldn’t fail to capitalize from his experiences and that of others.

Just like the wise guys, a wise girl also means she possess the attributes of a wise person, though she looks beyond her being just a girl and wants to act right.

However, what makes a wise man wise is not different from what makes wise guys wise, though he is backed with more life experiences that helps him give solid advice.

A wise person is like a “king” in chess game, reluctant to act on everything single thing, but not in learning, yet humble, open and liberal.

Knowledge, Qualities and Smartness of wise guys

Wise guys tend to be focused and have broader scope of knowledge. This is due to their thirst for answers to everything, every now and then.

They definitely possess the 3 types of knowledge. These 3 types of knowledge includes :

  • Physical knowledge – this type of knowledge deals with the act of places.
  • Logical-mathematical knowledge – this refers to the act of working things out. Simple or difficult.
  • Social knowledge – the social knowledge deals with the act of situations.

These are the 3 types of knowledge, and it is likely for wise guys to portray them accordingly.

Also, the qualities of wisdom you will often see wise guys portraying includes :

  • Unbaised judgements
  • Compassion
  • Benevolence
  • Ethics
  • Experimental self-knowledge

Since smartness has to do with how practical you get with ideas and exhibiting intelligent behavior, wise guys uses it to complement their wisdom.

Although, in comparison, none is really better than the other, because they both complement each other.

However, in comparison with being clever, being wise is not on the self-centered side like being clever, so in the right justification, being wise takes the upper hand.

Because wisdom guarantees everything, so being clever to decieve shows weakness rather than strength or mental strength .

Importance of being wise

Being wise is important because it will definitely make you a winner, put you ahead and save you a lot of troubles and heartaches.

To be smart and wise, extremely wise and live a wise life, you need to consider the following :

  • Think before everything
  • Realize that mistakes are bound to happen
  • Don’t follow the crowd
  • Accept things with cautions
  • Don’t be self-centered
  • Think before conclusions
  • Reject things you don’t understand.

To grow yourself and gain wisdom however, you need to be easy with life so you can learn from everything single thing.

And for you to talk wisely, you just need to think first and talk more often from experience with sound judgments and logics.

This will also help you to always make the right choice, no matter your age.

Then it will even get better as you grow older everyday, as long as you abide by the right things.

Let’s see how you can now pick your battles wisely.

How to pick your battles wisely

Below are practical ways you can always use to pick your battles wisely like the wise guys :

1. Avoid unnecessary arguments

It is important you don’t dash out your energy and time that should be invested in something worthwhile.

Do you know the power of silence? Have you learnt how to walk away, and why it is super important?

To tell you the truth, most of all these unnecessary arguments may just end up spoiling your mood at the end.

However, if you don’t control it rightfully, it could leave you with low energy, and could even trigger something more severe than it being just an argument.

If you happen to be short tempered, it is very crucial you take this into considerations.

Firstly, before you even begin that argument, ask yourself – “is this even worth it, is this not trying to awaken something, are you sure this is not one of those life traps”?

Being able to ask and properly answer such questions will set you on the right pace. Prioritize discussions over arguments.

You know, just like the alpha male will always do.

It is a practical example of an alpha male. He seeks better than some unnecessary arguments and fights.

2. Control your temper

Whether you like it or not, people will still step on your toes. Don’t jump into retaliation recklessly, that’s a trap you may be falling into.

Often times, people will just want to see how you react to certain things they do consciously.

Figuring out such scenarios makes you a winner right there. It means you have been able to prove you are matured than they thought you were.

Any unfortunate thing you end up generating as a result of not controlling your temper won’t be blamed on who triggered it.

No, it will rather be blamed on you who wasn’t able to control it.

So, you see how you could get defeated by the other person who triggered it?

Right, it was never worth it in the first place, but make that possible by not letting your emotions get the best of you.

Before you think of reacting, think of why it would have rather been far better if you had better stayed calm.

I bet you won’t regret being calm, because “calm” itself is a super power. You need it.

3 Address important battles rather

Despite all by the way, if you must address any battle, it should be the important ones for that matter.

By important ones I mean the ones that are really worth addressing.

There is a reason why you would like to address the important battles, and it is specifically so you don’t be on the losing end later on.

This is one reason why it is also important you identify the battles to face, and the ones to walk away from.

On the other hand, important battles never makes you come off as a loser later on, the difference will always be clear.

As long as you can control you temper and filter it from the battles that doesn’t affects you in any way.

Coming out as a winner in the battles that are important proves you are a champion for life. Why? Because you will always win such.

But facing the unimportant battles and ending up losing them, just steals your glory.

As a winner you need the glory, without it, you can’t actually boast of being the king.

4. Address issues the right ways

So, you want to address those important battles?

Not bad, but you should know that there are always right ways of addressing everything.

You wouldn’t want to address your battles or issues in ways that would end up making you lose yourself at it.

Also, you wouldn’t want to address those battles in ways that will later prove pointless or to no avail.

Battles are addressed by wise guys to disagree in less fierce and resolve flaws, but addressing these battles the wrong ways will only exaggerate things at the end.

If you must put in your time and energy into any battles, let it be the important ones.

Also, they should be addressed rightfully to ensure it worth your time and energy.

If you figure that you seem to be going overboard with your reactions to the battles, you had want to take a deep breath and slow down.

Just breathe and let it pass, so you can ensure you deal with it rightfully.

5. Ask yourself before reactions

Ask yourself if it is worth your time and energy to begin with. Asking yourself this question will help you in picking your battles wisely.

Sometimes, the only way you can avoid unnecessary battles is to actually think before you actively react to anything.

Failure to think before reactions is likely to end up making you regret later on.

Practice the quick to observe, slow to anger, to utilize this tactics in selecting your battles very well.

Honestly, I must tell you the truth, some battles are just some of those life traps.

In order not to fall into such traps, there must be proper thoughts to get you on the right path.

How about asking yourself questions like “are you sure this is not one of those traps”?

Yeah, that will let you weigh the battle to know its true importance of occurring in your life. Be absolutely selective.

This is where your ability to make the right choice will also matter a lot.

6. Don’t fight without doing it constructively

There’s no need diving into any fight without considering it properly and carefully in a way it would be helpful later on.

If you just fight for fighting sake without doing it in a constructively way, then there is no way it is going to make sense.

If you decide to approach the fight constructively, then it means there was a finite standard to which it was started.

The best fights that were fought brought better understanding and stronger relationship after addressing the issue.

While the battle takes place however, it is also advisable you don’t go overboard, so you can keep it to a respected level.

Just bear in mind that there is an important reason for addressing that battle.

So, going contrary to the main reason for starting the battle makes no sense.

You will get to feel much better when you address it constructively than when you don’t.

In addition to that, after you have ended it constructively, be sure to follow it up well.

make sure you don’t hold grudges, it is part of addressing the battle constructively.

If you hold grudges at the end of it all, your aim of even addressing it constructively will be defeated.

Wrap up

Wise guys always pick their battles wisely, but the opposite jumps at any battle that comes their way without a second thought.

Just as being wise means the ability to show good judgment or the benefit of experience, wise guys uses it well.

wise guys don’t go with the crowd, they learns from experience and uses it to make vital decisions.

The wise guys possess the 3 types of knowledge, shows good the qualities of wisdom and blends their wise side with smartness.

Being wise will make you a winner, put you ahead and save you lots of troubles and heartaches.

You just need to use it to pick your battles wisely to match everything up.

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