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How to Live Longer And Healthier In Body And Mind

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Are you looking for some tips on how to live longer and healthier in body and mind? In this very article, you will learn tips that you can use.

alt="elderly man and woman both carrying kids. Illustration of how to live longer and healthier"
Photo Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

I won’t be honest with you by saying it doesn’t feel good living longer and healthier in body and mind.

You can’t afford to miss all the positive things that comes with aging.

You can’t afford to miss the experience of your feature kids being your best friends, and lots of other positive things.

However, it’s normal for anyone to wonder how some people managed to live long and in healthy. Truth be told: you too, can.

Above every other thing, a healthy lifestyle is sure to guarantee anyone a longer and healthier life. But how? You ask.

It’s simply by fuelling your body and mind the right way.

In other words, if you live your life the healthiest way possible by fuelling your body and mind properly, then you can be very sure of living a longer and healthier life.

While it’s true that living a healthier life guarantees a longer life, I’m not just sharing tips on how your body alone will bring you long life, but also, your mind as well.

So, what it means is that, for best results, both the body and mind needs to be healthy.

How to live longer and healthier in body and mind

Below are tips that will help you live longer and healthier in body and mind.

1. Have good laughter

Did you know that stress is one of the major causes of people aging really fast, and has a high tendency of cutting the life span short?

It can cause serious health problems, ranging from mental health problems to cardiovascular diseases.

So, what is the best way to eliminate this stress? It’s by having good laughter. It is the best medicine for stress, no matter the level of stress you may be facing.

Since stress is something that is part of life and almost everyone experiences it in one way or the other, then you need to fight it with good laughter.

So, check your lifestyle. Are you more around people that makes you laugh and feel happy? Do you take life too seriously?

It’s time to get these right and just laugh.

2. Find a life purpose

Undoubtedly, life purpose are callings that you will find joy, peace of mind, success, security, and freedom when you find yours.

Due to the life benefits that comes with finding your life purpose, it goes a long way when it comes to lifting up your mood, and keeping your mind and mental health in good state.

In addition to that, life purpose serves as a medium to assist you with living more cautiously, as living more cautiously also helps one to live longer and healthier.

Another good side of having life purpose is that it will uplift your mood from time to time.

It uplifts mood due to the joy of being engaged and knowing that something you have passion for will bring you lots of benefits down the line.

3. Eat lots of nuts

Due to the richness of nuts, it helps to stabilize health, especially as you grow older. So, taking lots of it will help you live longer and healthier.

Now, you’re going to love this: nuts contains saturated fats, fiber and protein that helps to regulate the pH level.

Furthermore, the Omega – 6 and Omega – 3 it contains are another great nutrients in it that also helps in stimulating sugar level.

This means lower chances of having stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, and other related health problems.

Although you may not be a fan of certain nuts, but luckily, there are different kinds of nuts, so you should like one.

But if you can eat nuts in general, it’s a lot better.

4. Practice good retail therapy

Take not your healing power and your ability to bounce back into a healthy physical and mental state for granted. Not even for once.

So, if you notice a slack in this, endeavor to take your therapy routine more seriously than you’ve always done.

What this means is that if you’re not healthy physically and mentally, you’re going to find it more difficult to be happy.

Also, if you don’t take your retail therapy seriously, you’re likely to have certain health problems you won’t even be aware of.

Make it a habit of checking and treating any sort of disease or disability that you may have. Ideally, you should check and treat them as early as possible.

5. Be happy

There’s something about being happy that most people tend to misunderstand; most people think happiness always depends on others, but it’s not true.

I dare to tell you that if you choose to be happy, you will. And you can achieve this by enjoying your own company.

Think what if these people aren’t around me? Will I keep being sad because they aren’t around?

If you can be happy, with or without others, it will help you get over worries and reduce burden. And this will help to prolong your life span.

6. Live a reciprocal life

It’s going to be great if you form the habit of doing unto others what you what them to do to you.

Not only does this act helps in keeping you happy, it also opens doors of opportunities. This limits the chances of experiencing depression and heart failure.

Also, odds are, if you master the art of living a reciprocal life, you master the art of wishing others long life as well.

And karma is always right. You want people doing to you things that will gladden and expand your life span. You also want them wishing you long life.

7. Put out take-out menu

Once in while, you should go out and buy your favorites. Be it snacks, food or anything you had love to eat.

Eating things you love will help in making you happy, especially if you’re the type who love food. However, you should also try to mix it up with a good workout routine.

You eat whatever you like. You maintain a good workout routine. It’s a win-win!

On the other hand, if you’re not into food, you could go for shopping. Did you remember there are few things you needed to replace? Go ahead and replace them.

What matters most is that you’re filling your body and mind with satisfaction.

8. Don’t be scared to get old

Don’t be scared to have those wrinkles. Wear them with pride. You don’t have to be scared of having them because they’re blessings to have.

By the time you begin to appreciate your days and being thankful for growing older, you’ll start to ease stress and tension. In return, you’ll become happier and live healthier.

Similarly, if you learn not to get scared of getting old, the later reward is that you will automatically attract a longer life.

Surprisingly, the fear of getting old may even make you to subconsciously take your mental and physical health for granted.

In that case, in other not to fall for this, you’ll have to welcome the idea growing old, so that you can live a longer and healthier life.

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