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How to Find Life Purpose and Live Your best life

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Last updated on June 3rd, 2020 at 12:03 pm

alt="an image of map and a compass on in. Illustration of how to find your life purpose"
Life Purpose

Do you want to figure out how to Find Your Life Purpose? In this article, you will get to know exactly how to do just that.

It’s not supposed to be hard at all. I mean finding that life purpose.

Although, maybe you have tried really hard to find yours, but you still can’t figure out how to start.

You see, saying you want to find your life purpose is one thing, and taking the right steps to find it is another.

That is why I came up with this article to help put you through on how you can act on that great thought.

Trying to find your life purpose without knowing how or where to start from is like trying to go somewhere but not sure of it’s location and direction.

This will likely limit your chances of getting to where you want to be. That means until figure out how to get there, your chances of getting there is not guaranteed.

Life purpose is very important in. However, as important as it is, you need that drive and direction to get there.

Now, it is important to know that you can’t rush the process, but a sense of direction will definitely get you there.

As always, direction is more important than speed. Slow and steady wins the race, supposing the direction is there.

On the other hand, going too fast without that direction is as good as going no where.

So, how do you act on that direction to help you find that purpose? Here are the tips I have put together to help you do that.

alt="an image of a hand in forest holding a compass in it. Illustration of how to find your life purpose"
Life purpose

1. Move from goal to goal

Yes, develop the habit of crushing one goal after the other.

Not just because of the fact that it feels good, it sets you on the path of finding your life purpose.

Any goal you crush opens you up to a wider range of experience and knowledge, that helps you find your hidden potentials.

As you discover your hidden potentials, you will be able to find your life purpose as a result of it, in no time.

Take for example, you want to achieve the goal of being an expert in playing guitar, then you happen to crush it, so what next?

Do you just stop looking for other goals to crush? That shouldn’t be.

Move from that goal you just crushed to even better ones. If you don’t, you may end up finding out it’s not the life purpose for you.

It literary means that if you don’t look to move from goal to goal, you could be limiting your chances of finding your life purpose.

It means you remain stocked on something that is not your purpose in life. The way forward is to proceed to another goal.

2. Have dreams and desires

Start by wanting things earnestly, it will help to build the passion for your life purpose.

Make sure you have got dreams and desires to go with, to ensure your mind is prepared and ready to find your life purpose.

The best dreams are endless hope that doesn’t seize, no matter the odd, logic or current obstacles.

Whatever your dreams and desires are, they should never be endless, it is the path to finding your life purpose.

However, if you don’t have those dreams and desires to begin with, it’s not a sign of having that direction.

Those dreams and desires are like hints to us on what our life purpose looks like or should be.

The mind doesn’t lie. You mind cannot lie to you, so paying attention to it concerning your dreams and desires will give you the opportunities of finding your purpose.

There is absolutely nothing as cool as having dreams and desires, the problem is not being able to pay close attention to your heart.

3. Aim higher

Nobody was born mediocre, it’s only a matter of choice. In essence, what you are currently up with could probably not be your purpose.

However, the only way to discover yours is to aim higher, despite how cool you may find the current situation.

Most times, finding your purpose in life requires focus and determination to get to the top.

Strive to be elevated from your status, position and every other thing you do.

If you strive to aim higher, it will help to motivate you to move from goal to goal, as well as keeping up with your dreams and desires.

Some people just decide to settle for mediocrity only to find out that what they are occupied with is not their purpose in life.

One of those things that limits them from discovering their purpose in life is the inability to aim higher.

Your purpose in life should make you shine, and if it’s not making you shine, it’s probably not your purpose.

Considerations for aiming higher will boost your chances of shinning.

4. Find your dreams

Finding your dreams is not the same as having dreams.

While finding your dreams means discovering what they are, acting on them is what makes you to have dreams.

It is important to know that it is never too late to find your dreams, you just need to find out what your aspirations for life are.

What are those things that you admire and would love to see yourself achieving greatly at?

Everyone has different things they aspire to achieve in life.

It’s not a coincidence that yours may be very different from others, that is why it is called a purpose.

If it’s similar to that of others or the majority them, then it’s likely it isn’t your purpose in life.

Don’t be afraid to stand out, especially when it comes to finding your dreams.

Sometimes, you don’t know your dreams could come alive and level you up until you have established yourself in it.

They may seem little, but could end up being the opposite later on.

5. Don’t limit your hope

You should also endeavor to have high expectations from whatever it is your dreams are.

You can’t expect to limit your expectations, no matter how tough it may seem hitting your goals or finding your purpose.

Against all odds, against the logic and current obstacles, you should still hope.

There shouldn’t be any reason for you to give up on your dreams. Harness the power of the mind.

Everything great thing starts from the mind. Because of how powerful the mind can be, if you believe in your dreams, you’ll achieve them.

Those feelings you get that your dreams cannot be met should be terminated.

Such times should be when you need to uplift your hopes. Failure to do so is likely to demoralize you, and you may begin to lose hope.

Your present situation may not be what you wished for, but as long as the future is concerned, and you have high expectations from your dreams, they’ll come to pass.

Life just isn’t easy, and sometimes, it will throw some testing challenges to see how well you are able to stay strong for your dreams or not.

6. Act on your dream to come alive

Lastly, after you have done everything listed above, it’s now time to start acting on them to make them come alive.

Remember, hopes without action on your part will not get you the desired result.

While that action greatly consist of some strategical efforts, the hope you have will be the driving force to keep you going.

When you combine these, it’s going to be a super combo to aid in helping you find your life purpose.

Have you found your dream and developed strong hope on it? That’s very good I must say.

However, to mark this as a sealed deal, you have to back it up by acting on it.

Get off your comfort zone, connect with the right people that would help you in crushing your goals.

Then you are set to find your life purpose and live greatly.

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