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How to Be Kind Hearted And Treating People Better

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Are you thinking of how you can be kind hearted and treating people better? In this very article, you are going to know how to do just that.

We have got to give this world good energy, and being kind hearted and treating people better is one of the best things you can do in respect to it.

Inspite of this, one may still wonder why it seems difficult for some people to be kind hearted and treat people better.

Being kind hearted and treating people better are little things we can do, but because they are unknown to one, it becomes hard to practicalise.

I would also say these things are little things you can do, but are big things to anyone at the receiving end of it.

People always feel a sense of importance when they are treated better, which makes it important.

Sometimes you could be feeling it deep down that you should treat people better, but when you want to give out this energy, you don’t know how to about with it.

It’s no surprise that people had loved to treat others better but don’t know how to go about with it.

But it doesn’t mean one can’t figure out how to make people feel treated nicely by them, it just mean the person haven’t figured how…

Alright enough already, let’s look at those ways you can be kind hearted and treating people better.

Being kind hearted

1. Do to others what you want others to do to you

It’s really what you think, and it’s really simple to play along with and be kind hearted.

Here is how it goes : those things you know very well you had love people to do to you, do same to others, they are also what others expect from you.

Funny, I know, but that is how life is. You can’t assume the things you had love others to do you are opposite of what they expect from you.

Sure, humans have different emotions, but at least every human has feelings, no matter how little.

In essence, it means you should expect anybody to feel hurt when you treat them contrary to how you want others to treat you.

Learning how to go beyond just how you feel and learning how to put yourself in other people’s shoe will go a long way here.

2. Control how you judge others

This is one of those great things about elderly people. They have learnt how to stop judging others.

When someone makes a mistake, understand that nobody is above mistake, it will help control how you judge others and get them being relaxed.

Honestly, some people are very emotional, and not everyone has the kind of confidence and self-esteem you have.

While you see it as nothing when someone else judges you, it’s heart breaking to some people when you judge them.

Nonetheless, even the most confident people sometimes feel it to some extent when someone judges them, talk more of people with low self-esteem.

Because you are not certain of someone’s mood, challenges, emotions, self-esteem or efforts, it’s best you avoid judging.

As a kind hearted person, you absolutely don’t want to make things more difficult for the person.

3. Listen with curiosity

Trust me, it makes people to feel they are important as well. On the contrary, when they sense you aren’t listening to them, it becomes the opposite.

However, it’s not enough to just listen, you should also respond and act in a way that makes them feel you are actually listening to them.

Asking vital questions, focusing and responding in certain ways also goes a long way.

Listening to people doesn’t just make them feel a sense of importance, it also makes them feel that someone is there for them when they need help. That alone is capable of making their day.

Take note of thing to put away when someone engages himself or herself with you in a conversation, it also shows sign that you respect the person’s company.

4. Treat everyone with kindness

Everyone that crosses your path has a message for you, why not reciprocate by showing some act of kindness.

No matter what, you can never be wrong for being friendly, considerate, generous, affectionate and gentle, so go ahead and show it.

If you know that is the right thing to do, proceed with it, those at the receiving end of it will appreciate you for being kind hearted to them.

Get over the thought of thinking someone who is kind is naive or weak. The truth is, it requires certain amount of strength and courage to show kindness.

Spreading good energy is never easy as you think. You are giving out good energy because you have it, and you are not scared it will turn against you if you do so.

5. Stop putting others down

Try to consider people’s feelings as well before you put them down. If you think it will make you feel good about yourself, it’s the opposite for the other person.

When you are dealing with someone, you are not sure of that person’s level of self-esteem, so it makes it important not to put such person down.

To be kind hearted and treat others better, you also have to consider other people as well.

Everybody is possibly going through one challenge or the other, and are really struggling to keep up with all they are trying to survive.

No can never tell how tough it is for others, and how hard they are struggling to get to where they want.

6. Show people the right way

One of the best favour people expect from you is to be shown the right way. At least if you can’t show them the right way, don’t mislead them.

It’s great to give someone some bucks, however, it’s even better if you show the person how to get his or hers.

Some people can be very observant, so when such people comes to you and doesn’t seem to get what they expected from you, they may feel bad.

There is a difference between telling someone something and giving patterns. You want to make sure the person benefits and grow from what you know.

When people feel satisfied and can’t forget how you helped to put them on track, you know you have done something right.

7. Be appreciative to people

So as a kind hearted person looking to treat everyone better, how did you appreciate those who treated well.

Has someone done something that shows he or she cares? Why not return that favour by appreciating the person.

Most times, people have to go a long way to do some sorts of kind acts, and if they get a hint that you don’t appreciate their kindness, you can be sure they will feel bad.

This is one of the reasons some people are now finding it hard to do kind things, because the level of appreciation is declining.

The less people appreciate, the more others feel hurt and assume their kindness is not needed, so they refrain.

8. Forgive those who hurt you

In as much as those people caused you pain, I bet you, keeping grudge with them or retaliating is not the best thing to do.

The philosophy about people hurting others is that when people hurt you and you forgive them, you get over it and move on, they will definitely feel guilty.

So, what good have you done? You simply helped them realize that what they did was wrong, hopefully, they will change.

At least you didn’t cause trouble out of it, but because you know it’s the right thing, accepted their mistake and helped them to realize it.

9. Help people who need you

There is no doubt, you know them and they have probably approached you in one way or the other.

They approached you because they know you are in a better position to help them.

As a kind hearted person, if you are in a better position to help, the best you could do is to help them, and they will not forget what you did for them.

Nevertheless, it’s also important to know that it mustn’t only be when one approaches you.

A simple display of emotional intelligence towards them, and making efforts to help them is one of the best way you can be helpful to anyone.

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