How to Be a Better person Using Transformational Leadership

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Be a better person

Have you been thinking of how to be a better person? This article will let you know exactly how to go about in achieving that.

There’s no doubt, everyone wishes to be better in one way or the other. Striving to be better using transformational leadership is a good one.

Everyday, we as humans look to make our lives better. Some have tried, but it just seem like they can’t beat it.

That’s not supposed to be so at all.

I have to let you know that as long as you have made the decision to be better and you follow the due process, you will achieve it.

If you happen to fail along the line, believe it’s part of your journey to accomplishing it.

Being better is a continual process. However, there shouldn’t be room for you settling for less.

That will only cause more harm than good in the process of trying to be better.

If you happen to be good though, do you feel okay by it or do you strive to be even better than how good you are?

But even at that, it still depends on the level and degree of greatness or things you desire to be better at.

Nevertheless, if you keep it real, it will keep coming on and on, and you keep getting better as well.

Because this article deals with becoming better using transformational leadership, it will be important to brush on somethings about it.

This will enlighten you on transformational leadership, so that you can effectively use it’s standard to make yourself better.

Transformational leadership

The transformational leadership is when leaders works with others / teams to identify needed change and creating vision to guide the change through inspiration and executions.

In other words, a transformational leader causes change in individuals, himself and social system.

He is one who creates tangible change in followers with the goal of developing them into leaders as well

Tranformational leaders are important because they reach every angle, inspiring and motivating others.

One major difference between transactional and transactional leadership is that :

Transactional leadership focus on performance of a group and it’s supervision, while tranformational leadership focus on change within a group.

However, transformational leadership is often regarded as the best and more effective than transactional leadership, due to its ability to inspire followers to be their best.

Transformational leadership work in a way such that it enhances motivation, confidence and performance of people.

It involves team members and challenges them to take total control of what they do.

If transformational leadership is not present in an organization or group, it is likely that others with it will be more progressive.

Transformational leadership characteristics

Transformational leaders do possess certain qualities and strengths, and this helps them in carrying out their style of leadership.

Below are the strengths and qualities of a transformational leader :

  • Adaptability
  • New ideas entertainers
  • Absence of ego
  • Self-management
  • Takes calculated risks
  • Makes tough decisions
  • Inspirational and motivational
  • Shares consciousness.

Also, transformational leadership has its elements / components which is referred to as the 4 i’s.

These 4 i’s elements / components of transformational leadership are :

  • inspirational motivation
  • individualized consideration
  • intellectual stimulation
  • idealized influence

Bernard A. Bass developed the 4 i’s in 1985 and it has since then been vital to humans and how they use it everyday.

Transformational leadership goes through 4 stages actually. The four stages are the constant analysis, understanding, leadership and calculated risks.

A good example of a transformational leader is Bill Gates, and he uses the transformational leadership style.

Some of Bill Gates skills as a transformational leader includes :

  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Caring
  • Educational
  • bigger picture

How to be a better person

Haven known about the style you will be using to make yourself better, it will be much easier to utilize the steps in making yourself better.

Let’s see what those steps actually are :

1. Understand life on a deeper level

One basic rule to be better is to make sure you really have profound and significant understanding of life.

This will set you up to be ready for a better version of yourself, as long as you don’t take the meaning of life to be obscure or less obvious to you.

The truth is that, what you see in life or how you tend to look at life in general, affects the chances of improving yourself.

When you are in conversation with someone and it begins to steer into a deeper level, how do you respond to it?

Do you approach it with more interest or less interest?

It is important to know that, every deep conversation you engage in makes you understand life more on a deeper level.

Seek inspiration, knowledge and mentorship at any given opportunity you get. This is one sure way of how to be a better person.

Also, you should develop the habit of meditating every now and then, because that will help to re-organize your thoughts.

If there are things you had love to do to make yourself better at certain things, it will help to guide you through.

By doing such, you take steps higher all by yourself without relying on any third party.

Being around positive people who you can relate with you on a deep level will help you with understanding life on a deeper level.

2. Accept failures and learn from them

If failure is part of success, then there is no need not to accept it as it comes.

The next important thing after accepting your failures is to actually learn from them.

The reason it is important to learn from your failures is because perfection can only come from failures.

However, the perfection from the failure will be good as impossible if you don’t learn from your failures.

But first, you need to accept your failures, then you can be ready to learn from whatever failure you have.

When failures comes up in your life, it’s either you learn from them or you just simply let them pass.

These failures are pointing at things we can grab, learn and improve on.

Let’s also recall that great things wouldn’t have been existing, if there hadn’t been failures to capitalize on.

If you drop your failures without trying to learn from them, it’s important to know you have dropped something great.

There should be no denial that you failed, accepting them should be a reminder to you that you have unbeaten tasks yet to accomplish.

Until you accept your failures and learn from them, it is impossible for you actively make yourself better.

3. Control anger in negative situations

I strongly believe that anger is something you can always control at any time, in any situation.

Controlling anger in negative situations is also a key to make sure you grow yourself better.

When anything negative comes up in your life and you can control your anger, it makes you better at understanding people, things and life in general.

However, while you have better understanding, this will help you with our first point and understanding people better.

The act of controlling your anger at such situations, makes you have better mood and energy.

If more of your days goes by on bad mood and energy, what do you expect from those days?

Don’t let negative situations and people to disturb you. At the end of day, it’s your energy you’re giving out.

In that case, it’s better to understand that such situations are bound to happen.

Also, note that controlling anger in such situations don’t just save your energy, but opens your mind to understand life more and learning from your failures.

Anger limits the chances of people learning from negative situations they encounter, and limits you from understanding life deeply.

Although, those negative situations aren’t avoidable, but being able to make up your mind to control it in negative situations means you’re ready to get better.

4. Know what you stand for

This can be magical to how well your confidence will be fairing.

As a result of knowing what you stand for, you don’t just build your confidence, you build your purpose too.

Not to mention, your mental strength will also sky rocket as a result of it.

Nevertheless, the truth is that only few people tend to know what they really stand for.

Avoid going with the crowd or confusing the truth with the opinion of the majority.

That way, more direction will begin to set in.

Here’s the best of it all : your ability to make better decisions will begin to improve as well.

If you can know what you stand for and it’s on the positive, then you will motivate yourself over and over to be better.

5. Control jealousy

Being jealous is literally an indirect way of saying “i don’t like the degree of your achievement”

Remember that the mind is powerful, and what you wish for others is what you get in return.

While being jealous may seem kind of okay by you, you create some sort of hatred and spoil your chances of learning and being influenced positively by that person.

If you really wish to be better, jealousy shouldn’t be part of you on how you perceive people’s achievements.

In life, everyone went through tough times before getting to where they are.

So being jealous doesn’t show your readiness for having what they have or have acquired.

If you can control your jealousy towards others, you will be able to loosen your heart and approach others with an open mind.

worst of it all, if you can’t be open minded enough with people, you will lack on making yourself better.

Even though you think being jealous will boost your self-esteem, it only ends there, how about the better you?

That is why you should try to control it, because what you stand to gain when you control it is worth it.

6. look to improve others

Improving others shouldn’t look like you are losing do so. No, it rather makes you feel good and confident about yourself.

Also, incase you think people don’t take note of the help you rendered, think again, because people take note of how you improve them.

If along the line, you encounter some challenges and these people recognizes you need help, they will look to improve you too.

However, let’s not forget that the good you do to others will come to you in unexpected ways.

In addition to that, as you look to improve others, it gives you a good reminder of how great it is to be a better person, and it motivates you to be better as well.

The more impact you can make in improving others, the more you motivate yourself to be better.

This is one of the very best step to making yourself better, but most people don’t really know about it.

7. Take note of friends who don’t clap when you win

Your friends should be some sort of encouragement and motivation to you, anything contrary to that is not cool.

They should be there even when others are not, that’s what ideal friends stands for.

So, they should be the first to encourage, support, motivate you and clap whenever you win.

When you make any achievement in life, they should celebrate it with you.

This is important because you should be better off without them, if they are on the negative rather than the positive.

Give up such energy, it will run you down before you even know it.

They are also good examples of people who don’t look to improve you in anyway.

Friends who don’t clap when you win aren’t saying good about how they are in support of you getting better.

Therefore, in order not to be influenced by their intent, it’s best you learn how to keep away or be mindful.

You had wanted to take note of them to be sure you aren’t attached to the wrong energy.

If they don’t clap when you win, how sure are you they aren’t looking to see you fail?

You got to be careful with how you trust them for help or any form of assistance.

We all need help once in a while from our friends. Sadly, friends that don’t clap when you win can’t do that.

So it’s important you know how you go about with them.

Wrap up

In as much as getting better is a desire of everyone, some fail to get better not because they didn’t try, but because they got somethings wrong.

Some tend to give up trying to make themselves better as a result of it.

By incorporating the transformational leadership and inspiring yourself with it, you should be set to make yourself better.

If you can practice the right qualities of transformational leadership and take note of it’s components, then striving to be better will be much easier.

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