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Love Languages That Satisfies Emotional Needs in Relationship

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alt="a lady in smiles hugging a guy. Illustration of emotional needs"
Photo Credit: Pexels / Artem Beliaikin

Are you wondering what it is that satisfies emotional needs in relationship? In this article, you’ll know the love languages that does that.

Communication is very important in any relationship. Thankfully, there are various ways this communication can be done – they’re the love languages.

These love languages are the ways couples communicate love with their partners. They let you and your partner express emotional feelings, through words and actions.

In other words, they let you and your partner communicate feelings between each other, thereby, creating a better understanding, and satisfying emotional needs.

However, it’s also important that both you and your partner understands the love language of each other in order to satisfy emotions better.

So, communicating the love languages both you and your partner understands and accepts is also crucial. If not, it may not be effective.

But when done right, you can be sure the emotional needs in your relationship will be satisfied.

When done right, it can go a long way in determining how much it will contribute in ensuring a healthy relationship with your partner.

So, let’s see what those love languages are and how you can use them effectively.

Love languages that satisfies emotional needs in relationship

Below are the love languages that satisfies emotional needs in relationship.

1. Words of affirmation

Who doesn’t love hearing compliments and nice words? Of course, we all do, so does your partner. Compliments and words when used rightly, communicates emotions.

These words of affirmation are verbal compliments and words of encouragements or praises.

So, using them often in the right manner can go a long way in showing your feelings. But, there’s no doubt that some people aren’t good with words, so other love languages should not be neglected.

However, it still doesn’t mean you can’t make efforts to show your feelings through words of affirmation.

These words of affirmation could be in form of face to face communication, a text, a card, a short love note, etc.

Different relationships works well with different love languages, and if one of your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, then it’s worth buying.

But you can bet your partner will love this love language. So, it’s not supposed to be a matter of trial and error, but a matter of assurance.

2. Quality time

In your relationship, it’s important you and your partner try as much as possible to have quality time together.

Like you can already imagine, it’s natural for humans to be seek attention, especially from their spouse. And this makes quality time with your partner important as well.

There are those who value quality time with their partner over anything else when it comes to satisfying their emotional needs. In essence, some prefer quality time better than other love languages.

Also, quality time with your partner shows you respect their attention, and it’s capable of building trust in your relationship, but only when done right.

This quality time could be watching movie together, hangout, fun activities or just any way you and your partner can have fun together. And, it could even be a great conversation and good laugh.

But knowing the ones that works best for you both is still important, too.

3. Receiving gifts

Just the same way it feels when you receive that lovely Christmas gift out of the blue, same applies to how your spouse feels when he or she receives a gift from you on occasions.

But bear in mind, it’s not always the kind of gift you give that matters here, rather it’s the sincerity, manner, and approach that matters.

To some people in relationship, receiving gifts satisfies their emotional needs better than any other love language, as long as you present it in a way that expresses your feelings.

Furthermore, receiving gifts doesn’t only express your feelings, it also create an impression that could assist in creating a stronger bond.

It’s really worth it when you can go out of your way to do something for your partner that will leave a lasting impression.

In general, if you’re the type who prefers giving gift, and you notice your partner likes that as well, then it’s even better.

4. Act of service

You may be doing all the necessary things in your relationship, but what makes those things very acceptable is how you present them.

In other words, it goes with the say, ” treat a King like a King, and treat a Queen like a Queen.”

For example, you don’t greet, prepare or serve your partner something like he or she is another kind of person. That will not proof your love.

So, that means your partner is your King or Queen, and he or she deserves to be treated as one. But thinking your partner doesn’t know about this is wrong, though.

Remember, You don’t want to give your partner the impression that you don’t respect and care for them. It will hurt their emotional needs.

In that case, the attitude you put into anything you do for / to your partner really goes a long way.

5. Physical touch

Touching your partner shows you love them, and this really helps to satisfy the emotional needs in your relationship.

Equally, when you touch your partner the right way, it creates an emotional connection that sometimes even words can’t beat.

These physical touches aids in creating stronger bonds between you and your partner.

The bottom line? If you and your partner can utilize physical touch, then it will improve attraction and intimacy in your relationship.

In addition that, another key factor of using physical touch is the timing, location, and intention behind it.

This will separate the ordinary ‘just do it touch’ from the ‘I mean it’ kind of touch.

Wrap up

Satisfying emotional needs in relationship lies within the love languages. Couples are wired to feel emotionally satisfied when they’re shown these languages.

These love languages are sure ways to communicate feelings between you and your partner. And the outcome? It satisfies emotional needs.

However, knowing the love languages your partner appreciates the most is also important, as well as your partner giving you those love languages you appreciate the most.

But it doesn’t necessary mean you can’t utilize all, it just means putting more efforts into the ones that are more functional and beneficial.

Still, utilizing all can’t hurt either. You never can tell.

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