Benefits of Mental Toughness to a Person

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What are the benefits of mental toughness that made it important to possess? I will let you know just that in this article.

The idea of gaining mental toughness may seem less important, but not until you get to know all the great benefits that comes with it.

Being mentally strong is one of the best trait anyone can possess to make his or her life a lot more easier, satisfying and positive.

Mental toughness is a very positive trait a human being can possess.

Being mentally strong is the ability to develop a strong connection between the brain and the mind, that strikes the force to keep you going and excel in life situations.

However, striking this connection between the brain and the mind to work in your favor doesn’t come as easy as it may seem.

The connection takes some actions on your part to make sure the act of being mentally strong is achieved. More on that later.

Mental toughness connection with the brain

Mental toughness correlates with the brain to actualize the process of establishing the mental strength.

The sharper you make your brain, the easier you create this connection.

So, how do you make the brain sharper?

Well, there are many ways you can do that, but some top ways you can make your brain sharper are:

  • Reading great books
  • Being open minded
  • Learning from experience
  • Healthy meditation
  • Engaging in board games e.g chess and puzzles
  • Thinking more positively
  • Engaging in conversation with smart and intelligent people
  • Establishing a great mindset
  • Engaging in certain physical activities

The brain responds to positive thoughts through the thoughts pictured in your head, thereby, striking a connection with the mind.

So, it’s important you make efforts to develop the brain, for it to get smarter responding and connecting with the mind.

Possibilities of mental toughness through positive thinking

Of course, you can think more positive by making possible efforts to be in control of your words and thoughts.

The mental toughness trigger’s the urge to use more of positive thoughts than negative thoughts.

In fact, to some who have really got used to it, they never find themselves thinking negatively or using negative words.

In addition, words affects or change the brain positively or negatively, depending on what is been pictured in the head from every word.

The way it gets pictured in your head is likely to determine what your next move or actions would be.

In any case, weak words = weak actions and strong words = strong actions.

So yes, thinking positively really works, as long as you give it a shot.

You can see that thinking does affects the brain as well as being good for health, depending on the words and thoughts accompanied by it.

How to gain mental toughness

Well, luckily, everyone is born with mental toughness. The only difference is that some develop theirs.

It’s a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows in you.

Though, you may not be aware of using it day to day, but the signs will be there. Even though you don’t see it, everyone can.

You just have to read those signs, check your attitude and mindset towards life and then, you can decide to build it from there.

One thing to bear in mind is that, it has a relationship with depression.

In that case, only when you can keep up with mental toughness, you’ll be able to fight against life hacks and challenges.

When we talk about mental toughness, we’re not referring to any other thing other than the ‘MIND’

Yes, the mind, because that’s where everything begins with. It’s from your thoughts you produce your actions.

The 4 c’s of mental toughness

Take the 4 c’s into considerations when you’re trying to determine on your level of mental strength.

However, to make it easier and understandable, you can become more mentally strong when you utilize the 4 c’s very well.

With proper use of the 4 c’s, you can get rid of negative thoughts from your mind and even train your mind to be stronger than your emotions.

The 4 c’s explanations

Actually, the 4c’s makes up the mental toughness. So if you got your mind messed up, then it means you’re lacking on the mental toughness.

Build your commitment ability up to par, resist being pessimistic over things in life, and focus more on things that matters.

Don’t let your emotions to control you, instead let it be the other way round, so you don’t put your self-control astake.

Up youself for challenge, but don’t beat yourself up over every little thing.

For better understanding on how to go about with the mental toughness, take a look at the diagram below :

A complete illustration of the 4 c’s

So, we just got deep right? Yeah, deep as it seems, it now calls for us to see the benefits of being mentally strong.

Here are the amazing benefits you’ll get from being mentally strong :

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Mental Toughness

Benefits of being mentally strong and independent

The mental toughness is applicable to various aspects of our life, so these benefits should tell more about it. Let’s dive in :

1. Aids in achieving success

Success doesn’t come easy and am sure you can relate with me on that.

There are huddles you must climb to get to the top. In that case, you’ll need to follow it up with good mental strength.

With the right mental toughness, you won’t see any reason not to keep going and overcome.

In addition, since success also have to do with how you control your money, you stand a better chance.

Because if you can’t control your emotions, you can’t control your money.

You attract success from a positive mindset, and the more confident you get, the more you withstand every life challenges, and you just get even better.

Also, you even get more committed to what you do, no matter what it is you do. You’ll also believe anything can bring you success.

And you’ll be right, because anything you put in hardwork and motivation will surely bring success.

So the success from being mentally strong relates to some crucial parts of our lives as well.

Everyday as you run your businesses, go to work and do the necessary things required to bring you success, it is the mental toughness that will carry you on through the challenges along the line.

Also, while you hustle your way out and work on your goals, it’s still the mental toughness that you will need.

2. Eases life challenges

Everyone goes through life challenges and sometimes, it just doesn’t get any easier for some people.

Some may fall into depression, tend to lose hope and give up on it all, simply because they lack the mental toughness.

Just like I stated earlier concerning the 4 c’s, your ability to challenge must get tested, of course.

Note that as challenge being one of mental toughness attribute, it should be complemented with confidence as well.

Picture it as a challenge of going into the battle field to come out victorious, no matter the how tough it may seem.

So what happens when you go into such challenge or battle without the right physical and mental strength?

Yeah, you guessed it right, you’ll get crushed by Goliath, ( life challenges ) your challenger.

In addition, by getting rid of low self-esteem, you give yourself a chance to stand up to the task.

It’s as simple as standing up to a challenge been brought to you, rather than running.

By running, you’ve already lost. Whereas not running means standing a chance to win. So, who is going to lose?

However, the absence of mental toughness is simply what will force you to give up and run.

Who told you that you couldn’t win?

3. Passes to your future and kids

Bear in mind that when you build mental toughness, you’re not just doing for yourself alone or just for today.

When you build mental toughness, it becomes a gene that you pass from you to your future, as well as your future offsprings.

Even after you have kids, it becomes a trait in you that your kids will be forced to emulate.

Kids are very good at picking things up from their parents at tender ages and growing with it.

So don’t be surprise when you begin to observe your kids displaying the trait all of a sudden.

Your sub-conscious mind has been working tirelessly, and their restless body and restless mind has been busy wrapping it.

If your kids tend to be slow in emulating the traits, it’s your duty to lecture them on it.

That’s because it’s a trait you possess, and you can’t give what you don’t have. So it’s all yours par say.

Nevertheless, they will still pick it up from you, irrespective of how fast or slow they emulate it.

When they begin to display the mental toughness, it is impossible not to recognize all the mental strength traits they will display.

4. Excelling in academics

Confidence is always the number one thing to ensure you excel at things you do.

With mental toughness in check, you will be more focused, you will be in control of your emotions, and you will be commited to what you do.

Is there any way a lack in mixture of all these will make you perform badly in academics?

If you trace back to when we looked at how to make your brain sharper, you will observe that a mentally strong person is already doing virtually most or all of the needfuls to grow his or her brain.

That is because, you cannot be thinking of strong mental toughness when the brain is not sharp enough.

Anyone asking of how to make the brain sharper is a smart person, keep watch on how he or she performs academically, you’ll see for yourself.

To add to that, anyone can train the brain to focus by learning to observe the distractions and thinking of strategies to get rid of them.

Also, you can get more focused by getting your priorities right and putting more energy, especially in morning times.

The brain likes open minded people that are willing to learn and try new things often, so it’s not a myth that mentally strong people excel in academics.

Mental toughness puts you on the right spot to utilize those necessary skills and expertise to bring you success in academics.

5. Great value to the society

Until you win the battle on your mind, you can’t win that of the physical on the outside.

With mental strength, you will be able to contribute and add great value to the society when you take charge to lead.

Apart from being able to be a good leader to the society, people will sense your mental strength as a leader and value your leadership.

When someone for example ask, “how to be mentally strong and fearless?”, you can bet that person will lead well.

However, by being mentally tough as a leader already, you will be able to get more focused on the people’s need at hand first.

Whether you later choose to enhance your mental strength or not, the value you’ve already laid won’t expose any flaw.

The society needs mentally strong people to carry out the tasks of the society judiciously, whether small or big.

Before I call it a day, in order to make sure all you acquired from this article doesn’t go down the drain, there are things you must avoid.

What you must avoid

People has being asking, what’s the secret of being mentally strong?

Congrats for reading this article today! Right from the very first word you read, you have learned what they don’t know.

Those people can’t compare themselves with you concerning all they think they know about mental toughness.

1. Fear

Fear is harmful. So it’s necessary you get rid of it if you want to get your mind working for you.

If there is anything you want to do and you know it’s going to be worthwhile doing it, go ahead with it.

2. Low self-esteem

It limits your chances of building your confidence in the first place.

Make sure you refuse to get Intimidated by anything.

3. Insecurity

It doesn’t matter the situation involved, but don’t get insecured about anything.

Getting insecured about anything only decreases how you value yourself and likewise, decreases your confidence.

4. Lack of control

That self-control is still not out of fashion, and can never be.

Get rid of lack of control, it steals your focus and damages your progress in life.

Wrap up

Gaining mental toughness is a great human benefits anybody should have, no matter the age or gender.

It has a lot to do with how it correlates together with the brain to work effectively. That means you have to develop your brain by some practical means.

The mental toughness also has the capacity to ignite and boost your power of positive thinking.

To build it, you have to get your ‘mind‘ to work for you, and also, utilizing the 4c’s (confidence, control, commitment, challenge)

As you carry out all the right steps and getting the mental toughness working, there is absolutely no way you won’t see it’s benefits.

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