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Benefits of Mastering the Art of Proper Preparation in Daily Living

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Have you ever thought that mastering the art of proper preparation has its benefits in daily living? In this article, you’ll know just that.

As practice makes perfect, so does mastering the art of proper preparation to human lives. When you have mastered it, its life benefits are immeasurable.

Lately, the art of mastering proper preparation became a mandatory aspect of my life.

It became a mandatory aspect of my life not because I noticed others being prepared, but because I figured out how important it is.

If you have ever been a member of a sport team, then maybe you could really understand how important it is to master proper preparation.

Looking at proper preparation from a layman’s perspective, it actually means to take a shower, get dressed and get set to go.

That’s okay though. That is preparation, but not until you understand how it incorporates into various aspects of our lives.

Talking about mastering preparation, have you looked at it from the perspective of getting your mental and physical readiness in place?

How well do you build it up in regards to any event, challenge, contest, competition or journey?

Life is not easy, and that is enough reason for you to choose to make it easier by mastering proper preparation.

As you look to ease things in life, it is best you master preparation extremely well such that it becomes a second nature to you, in a way it becomes difficult to resist.

If you can’t resist it, then you know it’s a sign that you have mastered it.

On that occasion, that is when you can be very sure of its benefits.

Preparation meaning in English

The meaning of preparation can be explained in various ways.

The first and second meaning are very related to the sort of preparation this article is referring to.

Meaning No. 1 – preparation is the process or action taken to make something or someone ready for service or use, or getting ready for occasions, events, challenges, contests, journey, e.t.c.

Meaning No. 2 – a severe preparatory measure or act distinctively taken towards something to happen ahead.

The Meaning No. 3 – the state at which something is prepared particularly: an experiment substance been prepared for use.

So we can say that being prepared has to do with getting something or someone being ready ahead of time of its actual time or activity.

To be prepared, you have to make sure that all you will need for something that will take place is ready for its work.

This is guaranteed to boost your mental preparation as well, when you make it a routine task in your preparations, and not just your physical preparation.

When you are sure you’ve got your mental and physical preparation set, that’s when you can be sure you are fully prepared.

Then as time goes by and you get consistent with it, the art of mastering proper preparation will begin to set in.

The complete preparation however, is the act of getting both the mental and physical state ready for anything.

One thing to note is that the way one will understand preparation is different from others.

Irrespective of that, knowing the actual meaning is important to begin with to get you set on mastering proper preparation.

Preparation principle

To begin with the preparation principle, it’s important to know that it is vital for achieving success.

However, you should know that the way you prepare for success should be done distinctively when trying to master the art of preparation.

So, how do you prepare for success? Below are ways you can use to prepare for success:

  • Make your thoughts flexible
  • Believe in yourself
  • Step out from your comfort zone
  • Be thirsty for more knowledge
  • Hold unto commitment and motivation
  • Build your imagination
  • Make sure to make things fun
  • Avoid distractions and be more focused.


Next, we can look at another principle of preparation in regards to daily living, because it will greatly determine how great your life will be.

The following are how you can prepare for life:

  • Good Knowledge (very important)
  • Good financial management
  • Mentors and someone to go to
  • Look at the bright side of life
  • Take care of yourself
  • Handle your tasks diligently

Another principle of mastering preparation relates to dealing with the future and how well you prepare for it.

These can help you in that aspect:

  • Start with the right company
  • Accept mistakes and learn from them
  • Master your presentation very well
  • Value your time and don’t rush it
  • Ignore naysayers

The final one has to do with change in life. Most people fail to change because they lack proper preparation for it.

So start by celebrating little things, giving room for preparation phases, finding insights and solutions and keep on moving.

Going on with mastering proper preparation

Often times, some people tend to mistake readiness for preparedness.

Maybe that is actually the reason some fail to keep up with mastering preparation.

It’s important to know that while readiness and preparedness seem similar, there is a difference between the two.

Readiness tend to be much more immediate than preparedness, and used when talking about something to occur very soon.

Whereas, preparedness is not immediate unlike readiness, and it’s not one you expect to happen soon.

But anything could still take you unawares when don’t prepare yourself.

Understanding it…

Though the synonyms of prepare are: busk, forgraith, graith, ready and yark.

In terms of sentence, the word ‘prepared’ could be used as a past tense, and ‘prepare’ in future tense.

For example, in terms of future tense you say; he will prepare for the interview before going for it.

Then in terms of past tense you say; he prepared for the interview before going for it.

Part of the reasons certain things like interviews often turn out badly is because there was no sort of preparation.

That is as a result of the mental and physical preparation you didn’t put in place.

While there are also other necessities for achieving success, preparation can never be overlooked because everything begins with preparation.

Also, preparation itself is everything if you really understand how it goes.

Alexander Graham Bell said, “preparation is key to success”

Benefits / importance of proper preparation

Now, over to the benefits of mastering master preparation. This is where you get to know why it’s important to practice it till you master it.

Let’s take a look at the life benefits anyone can get from mastering preparation.

1. Avoids living wasteful

In tune with life as a whole, when you master proper preparation, you’re boosting your mental strength, and it will help in producing a productive life.

So how is the mental strength applicable to producing a productive life?

It’s simple. Because you exercise your mental ability every time you prepare yourself. With that mental strength, developing the right mindset wouldn’t be difficult at all.

With the right mindset, you can never go off track in life. In fact, with it, virtually everything or any goal you set your mind to achieve will most likely be achieved.


Honestly, the benefits of mental strength achieved from mastering preparation covers a whole lot in life.

Be it managing your finances, setting up something worthwhile or achieving your goals.

In order to help you understand how preparation matches with mental strength, I will give you a clear elaboration:

For example, when you take into considerations on how a day turns out, the difference between a smooth day and a day that is not all good could depend on how you plan for it.

However, having an bad day is not likely to happen when you have good mental preparation ahead of it.

The later result is that, the more practical you get mastering how to prepare yourself, the stronger your mental strength.

You should remember that the mental strength is also important in preventing you from living wasteful.

An early recognition of it is also important to help in avoiding it.

2. Reclaims personal life

We all live, and in the process of living life, we are likely to make certain mistakes in things we do.

Irrespective of these kind of circumstances, at the end of the day, the way forward is to fix and return to normal state.

This will help to correct those mistakes and re-position yourself. Nevertheless, nobody can prepare you for your life challenges other than you.

Since personal life is that aspect of life we had love to keep to ourselves, protecting it will mean a lot to us.

However, if you fail to protect it due to lack of proper preparation, you will likely let others know about your private life as you tend to find solutions to those mistakes.

But if you master preparation, you will barely have reasons to let others know about your private life.

That means if you lack in mastering preparation, you will find it difficult to reclaim the private part of your life.

However, there is no excellent performance without proper preparations.

In order to make sure you find reclamation of your personal life, it has to be something you are in charge of by mastering preparation so you avoid lots of mistakes.


In that case, apart from mastering preparation to put you in charge of everything you do, it helps you find the keys to reclaim your personal life.

How is that possible? Because you limit external bodies and you take charge of your life, what and how things go on in your life.

Picture it as knowing better than everyone how the internal structure of how your house is.

When you get it right, remember that it’s the mastery of preparation that gave you good Knowledge of it.

So because of that, other people should not have business in it.

The reverse will happen only when you don’t know how well your internal house structure is.

3. Improves quality of life

Unless you don’t care about the quality of your life, you may not really care about the art of mastering preparation.

Remember, when you talk about quality of life, your health, education, success, private life and more of them are to be considered.

So, in order to enhance the quality of your life, you should include all these aspects in relation to a high quality life.

All of these comes with a prize of course, and it could be costlier than you expected.

However, the goodnews is that by mastering preparation, all of these will fall in place with little effort.

That’s because you prepared for them, and by doing so, you can come up with suitable plans and strategies to help you accomplish them all.

If you dig deeper into it, you would come to realize that these aspects are chains hooked together.

That means each relies on the other to ensure a more quality life.

Although, there is one driving force to this chain reaction, and that is the mental preparation that developed the foundation of it.

Keeping check of how you prepare yourself mentally sets the right quality of life.

Remember that everything starts with the mind, so it’s very important as well to enhance the mental strength.

4. Improves overall confidence

There is just absolutely no other way to describe being confidence other than a passive self-assurance.

Mark the word “self” there. With that, you can see how confidence relates to being sure of everything that has got to do with you.

In that case, if you master self-preparation yourself, you will be very confident that everything you do will turn out great.

Anything you do or plan to do will leave you having no need for any third-party to give you a boost in confidence.

If you rely on any third-party to give you a boost in confidence, then literally, that is not confidence.

In fact, it can get really toxic when the person in question suddenly turns out to be unloyal or even decides to take advantage of the trust you gave them.

But mastering the self-preparation helps you to keep check of the people you let into your life and rely on.

In return, it just makes you believe in you and whatever you set your mind at or plan to do.

This benefit of mastering preparation is never less obvious, and the more you keep on mastering proper preparation, giving up will never be an option.

The more you see success at whatever you do as a result of your preparations, the more confident you become.

It just keeps getting better, as long as you stick to the plan and endeavor to remain at it.

Wrap up

The idea of mastering proper preparation is not just the ordinary idea of dressing up getting set to go.

It’s more of a mental and physical preparation ahead of something to happen much later.

However, preparation is the process or action taken to make you or something ready for an occasion, event, challenge, contest, journey, e.t.c.

Mastering preparation has its guiding principles in regards to dealing with success, future, life and change.

Above all, remember that there is a fine line between readiness and preparedness, even though both are similar.

Putting all of these together will keep the benefits of mastering preparation coming.

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