Benefits of Emotional Intelligence to Humanity

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The benefits of emotional intelligence? What could they be? Why is it very important to humanity? I am pleased to answer those questions.

How many times have you been told that emotional intelligence has huge impacts to humanity? Most likely, you haven’t, but it does.

Being emotionally intelligent refers to the skill, capacity or ability to sorely access, perceive and manage the emotions of oneself and others, as well as groups and the society.

Having emotional intelligence doesn’t just end at that, it’s a good psychologically skill a human being can possess.

As you can see, emotional intelligence is more of a skill rather than a quality, meaning it gets developed with practice.

However, anybody barely becomes a good leader without emotional intelligence, and humanity will suffer.

You will get to know why that is when we look at the benefits of emotional intelligence later in this article.

On the other hand, it’s not just good leaders that has emotional intelligence, but it also helps in showing traits of leadership

Anybody can have it, but in general, those who posses emotional intelligence are skilled at managing emotions.

Benefits of being emotionally intelligent in Relationship with people

Now, because this type of intelligence deals with how one manages the emotions of oneself and others, it helps to connect you with people better.

It creates room for more mutual understanding on a higher level.

Emotional intelligence as a result, improves relationships due to how it helps in the understanding and management of emotions.

Just like the usual intelligence you know, emotional intelligence is also intelligence, considering the capacity of the brain and the mind to actualize it.

You can clearly see that emotional intelligence is valid, so, don’t get freaked out when next you hear about it.

Emotionally dull is the opposite of emotional intelligence.

To become emotionally intelligent, you need to reach out and portray certain traits most people deviates from.

In that case, to improve your emotional skills, you need to embrace the components of emotional intelligence.

Now, this brings us to the components of emotional intelligence :

Five components of emotional intelligence

Being emotionally intelligent is important because you can understand emotions on a deeper level.

When this sort of intelligence is rightfully incorporated into your lifestyle, it also creates a stable and mutual connection.

You will barely run into troubles with the society. You’ll also understand your society from a perspective different from others.

Below are the five characteristics / components of emotional intelligence :

  • Social skills this refers to the ability of being able to relate and interact more distinctively with your society.
  • Self-awareness – this is the ability for you to be conscious of yourself, as well as having good knowledge about people and things.
  • Self-regulation this is the act of you being able to set out standard rules and regulations for yourself and conforming in them.
  • Motivation this is your ability to be willing to act in behavior towards every aspect of your life, as well as that of others.
  • Empathy this requires your ability to identify and understand the thoughts, feelings or emotional state of others.

Further on with example

A very good example of emotional intelligence is to socialize with others, have good knowledge about them, act standardized, identify their states and show willingness to attend to their needs and worries.

There is got to be a good cohesion of your emotions with that of others.

Components of emotional intelligence

Whether you are referring to emotional intelligence in the workplace or working with emotional intelligence, these components are required.

Improving emotional intelligence is never as difficult as you think, you just need to be more practical with its components.

We shall now look at the benefits of emotional intelligence.

Benefits of emotional intelligence to makind

Below are seven benefits of emotional intelligence you should take note of :

1. Enhances your kindness

Emotional Intelligence is what separates some you from others who are not regarded as kind people.

The enhancement of kindness is one of the most cherished part of the benefits of emotional intelligence.

Being able to display a desirable conduct to others from you takes a great deal of being emotionally intelligent.

I mean, if you can’t perceive the emotions of others when they’re in need, how do you act towards them?

Emotional intelligence puts your emotions at the right spot in considering the other person’s state of emotion.

In that case, it’s no longer becomes a one-sided share of emotions, but a rational share of emotions.

With the possession of it, you don’t have to get a million bow before you can show kindness to people around you.

The real kindness that anyone can show is that which comes from the side of being emotionally intelligent.

It’s tender, it’s soft and heavenly, not brash or forced.

That means for true kindness to really take place and not affecting you while being graceful to others, it requires the emotional intelligence.

2. Enhances love to others

Having the right degree of emotional Intelligence doesn’t just help you show profound care and affection to others, it goes further.

It’s also important that you stay open minded, as it will also help you in showing love to others.

luckily, when you are emotionally intelligent, it will be a part of you automatically.

Emotional intelligence also helps you to maintain a healthier relationship with loved ones and people close to you.

That’s right. It makes you ease your heart to love others.

The way you render approach to others will be distinctively different in a way that will say a lot.

You know that feeling of love you get when you see the love of your life, right?

Cool, this is similar to what an emotionally intelligent person is capable of portraying at ease towards others.

However, the difference here is that you don’t get to show intense attraction towards everyone, your brain preserves such for the love of your life.

What you give to others is just love for mankind that makes people feel that sense of love from you.

Whether it’s a sense of care or just making others feel a sense of importance, it just gets through you to people at ease.

So, isn’t love all we need? Well, if that is the case, how about what enhances it?

3. Helps you in respecting others

Do you know what about respecting people? It comes from a feeling of understanding how people feel when they’re been respected.

Do you think that would be possible without the presence of emotional intelligence?

Honestly, think about it. With emotional Intelligence, you’ll not have a self-centered mind, which means you will give to others exactly what you like as well.

By that, you don’t get to act without empathy, and as a result, giving respect to others will not be exceptional.

Nevertheless, if you really don’t like the idea of respecting others, am positive you like the idea of others respecting you.

Now here is the thing; you remember that phrase “respect is reciprocal” yup, you’ll get back the amount of respect you give others.

So, in that case, behind the scene of being emotionally intelligent is you giving respect effortlessly and subconsciously.

Also, you get the back the respect in return effortlessly.

As you respect people and those people respect you in return, you will feel even more intrigued to give more respect.

The whole thing is like a coastal ride. You’re giving a cool ride to others, and in return, they’re appreciating it.

4. Makes you genuine

Absence of emotional Intelligence just makes people kind of question certain things you do, because they won’t be able to comprehend you as a good rating.

People will barely perceive you as fake when you possess the emotional intelligence. Trust me on that.

When people get to take note of this skill, or rather, when you portray it, they can’t help but see you as one who is real and natural.

The good thing however is that, you’re even showing this real side of you effortlessly without even trying.

With it, being true to yourself and people around you will never seem like a daunting task.

One thing you should always know is that, you shouldn’t blame people who tend to be fake or live fake lives.

Rather, you should be like, “where the hell did you leave your emotional intelligence”

Honestly, real is rare, because it seems difficult to those who have not adopted their own level of emotional Intelligence.

And as a result of that, they begin to flow in the unnatural way of living.

People like those they can understand, and the best way to accomplish this is to do certain things through your emotional intelligence.

That way, they will hardly question you or going the stress of finding ways they can use to see you as one who is for real.

5. Makes you considerate

In order for you to be considerate, no matter the situation on board, it requires deep care and conscious thought from within.

As a result of such thoughtful deliberate character, it is the emotional intelligence from within that trigger’s it.

So, imagine such is no where to be found deep down there, you’ll most likely be like a cloned robot appearing as human.

Well, unless robots are now cloned to show concerns, but I haven’t seen such though.

However, emotionally intelligent people grow to be more and more considerate as they improve themselves on emotional Intelligence level.

You too just need to keep up with it and be consistent on it, so that you can develop a mastery of it.

Sometimes, when you see someone doing some kind of considerable acts, you may begin to wonder what led that person to do that.

You don’t need to bother at all, because here is what actually happens :

They start by observing how the person feels, then the rest of the considerable acts falls in place.

The considerable acts by the way is still as a result of their emotional intelligence, and because they have started it, they must complete it.

6. Helps in maintaining peace

You and I as humans just need a good understanding of each other’s emotions to radiate peace more effectively.

Most times, conflicts and violence arises because of the absence of emotional intelligence.

Tranquility and harmony has no room for violence when emotional intelligence is already present.

That’s on a deeper level by the way, but on a simpler note, when you possess emotional Intelligence, you carry peace along with you.

You get to understand the emotions of everyone around you, therefore, you know how to go about with them.

You know when you are steping on their toes and you know when you’re crossing boundaries.

Also, you know when they’re sad and how to make them happy.

Then in return, they reciprocate these, treat you two times better and everyone will be fine.

However, if at all in the future and cases that threatens to generate conflict or misunderstanding arises, their emotional intelligence will still work things out.

What more can I say?

7. It radiates happiness

There is no stone cold without joy when you have emotional intelligence.

If you relate with it on a more advanced way, there’s definitely going to be an uplift in your mood in general.

To be happier, it requires great sense of recognizing the fun side of life.

You know when to smile, when and how to crack some jokes. in fact, it helps you recognize and experience the effects of favorable fortunes better.

All of these by the way are at the expense of emotional Intelligence.

Remember, with emotional intelligence, you’re managing the emotions of others and yours.

So, there’s bound to be connectivity somewhere on a more mutual ground.

However, if it is absent, it will take more effort on your side to find joy, contentment, comfort, tranquility and peace with those around you.

Human beings can only losen their heart and lessen tensions when they learn to manage their emotions and that of others.

It should start with understanding that it’s not just all about you alone, others are also seeking to be made happy as well.

If you can make people happy, you’ll definitely feel happy, too. Plus, they will be willing to make you happy in return.

It is never as difficult as you think. Just a little practice and mastery, and all will be set.

Very good benefits of emotional intelligence for you.

Wrap up

Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be obtainable, and you need it importantly to connect on emotional level optimally.

With more practice and following up the guidelines (components) of it, gradually, you’ll begin to develop it until it becomes a part of you.

Its components should serve as guidelines to you. No matter how hard it may seem, if you adhere to its components properly, you should be fine.

When you become used to it, the benefits of emotional intelligence will always reflect on you.

You will portray them effortlessly and subconsciously.

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