7 Reasons Open Minded Ability Makes You a Winner

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How do you define an open minded person?

Open minded people definitely do excel better than closed minded people, due to some sort of actions they exhibit.

Being Open minded means the ability for you to listen, welcome new ideas and try new things, between you and others without restrictions.

So from that, we can say that people who like to learn new things are open minded and its wrong to say that they should be hyphenated.

On the other hand, if you really want to be open minded in life, you should be willing to listen, welcome new ideas, explore and try new things.

I do wonder if people has ever imagined that, being open minded makes you excel better than does who are closed minded.

You can now see that its a good thing to be open minded is based on the fact that they are more likely to earn and make use of Opportunities.

Beyond human expections, it does. Before we look into the attribute of open minded people and close minded people, detest any distraction around you.

What seperates them from closed minded people?

Now, besides the attributes, wouldn’t you like the benefits? Yeah, you said yes.

Speaking of closed minded people and open minded people, it all boils down to habit.

However, It may be a habit you originated from an early age or later age.

The good news is that, you can control it, even though the society could determine if one may be open minded or closed minded.

Someone who is easy to talk to is regarded as an open minded person due to the fact that he or she portrays traits of being willing to listen and probably learn one or two things as well.

Open minded is basically a character traits. We shall be looking at those character traits.

Firstly, let us look at the traits of open minded people that differs from closed minded people.

Character traits of an open minded person

  • Having a great sense of justification
  • The ability of being a good listener
  • A live and let live kind of personality
  • Welcome’s new ideas and creativities
  • Accommodating in any situation
  • Values the opinions of others
  • Believes in collective responsibility towards a goal
  • Having the right sense of honesty
  • Quiet and tender nature
  • Wants things done based on what is right.

Irrespective of these traits associated with an open minded person.

What you never know is that, they tend to attract a lot of positivities towards themselves.

It may seem like it doesn’t matter whether open minded or close minded.

Just incase anyway, the opposite of being open minded is being closed minded

But it remains that, those on the part of open mindedness, has an edge over the close minded people.

You are beginning think, how about the traits of closed minded people right? Alright, Here they are :

Character traits of a closed minded person

  • Wants things done only in his or her own way
  • Barely Welcome’s new ideas
  • Having a poor sense of justification
  • Loud most times
  • Partial or poor accommodating personality
  • listen’s less
  • Lacks true honesty
  • Authoritative personality
  • Believes only in their abilities
  • Devalues others opinions

Now, all these has got nothing to do with intelligence.

You could be intelligent and have no abilty to be open minded.

Close minded on its own is being detached from opening up, not listening, not welcoming new ideas and not trying new things.

Intelligence simply got to do with your ability to comprehend informations at a rapid pace.

Open mindedness is about giving up your ego and welcoming more.

Now, let’s look at those benefits attached to open minded people. Here they are :

1. Prosperity

If you know how to utilize opportunities and learn new things, it will make you a person prone to prosper in life as an open minded person.

Take note that, in order to make use of Opportunities, there should be presence of open mindedness.

You must have heard the say that “a closed mind doesn’t open new doors”

Nevertheless, its true that hardtimes will come, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

The time for happiness will always be there, just stay open and relate. Stay open minded as possible, learn and grow from there.

Your ideas can tell more, as well as that of others.

2. Good relationships

You want your relationships to be the best you can imagine right? Then have a good understanding of people.

Hence, you know what? It can only be achieved by being open minded.

You would also like to display some sort of alpha male impacts in the society, wouldn’t you? So, grab the opportunity and give it a shot.

Learning is circular process, you learn, the other person listens from you, he or she learns from you.

So, in that case, people will definitely listen to your point of view, knowing they will have something new to learn.

Just like in the traits of an open minded person, you will notice they are more of good listeners, accommodating and welcomes new ideas.

Apart from these traits, virtually all their traits are important for better relationships.

3. Develops skills and expands knowledge

If you know how to practice open mindedness, you are a step close to expanding your knowledge and developing skills more frequently.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel stucked?

Well, when you are open minded, its an opportunity to grab those necessary skills and knowledge.

It then helps you to access your way through. A second opinion or more is your help in all tough situations.

Look at the world great men as an example, they all admitted that their innovative ideas came as a result of been open minded.

Nobody knows all and one thing you ought to know is that, creativity and open mindedness goes hand-in-hand.

That moment when it seems like there’s no solution, thus, creativity plays a vital role and break those chains of rapid thought.

Therefore, it keeps your enthusiasm high just by being creative. Just stay open minded that’s all.

While the odds of not being creative is slim as a result of being so, you will always be proud of yourself.

4. Being liberal

Your thoughts are intensively powerful, like-wise, it’s also important to keep your mind flexible.

Just remember that sometimes, it could get to a point where your thoughts begins to weigh you down rather.

I mean you can’t be master of your thoughts. Many people don’t know how vital it is to be open minded.

Keep your mind open and keep those ideas coming in because it pays to be liberal also, it certainly makes you stand out.

With an open mind, you will more effectively, know when and how to adjust your mind.

That’s to say, you will also be willing to understand and respect other people’s opinions and behavior.

You can also be an expert in a particular skill which you have acquired or trying to acquire.

Its also important for those who has interest in politics due to the fact that it allows you to give room for a lot of political and economic freedom.

In addition, it helps in supporting gradual social, political and religious change.

5. Increased confidence

So, you once succeeded as a result of the previous conversation you had with someone because you were open minded? Good for you.

Further more, when any challenge comes up, you are sure you have where to rely on.

More luck for you and increased confidence with any task you complete at the costs of being open minded. Say cheers to that.

Nevertheless, you still have to strive for more regardless of the confidence you got, you still want more, don’t you?

There is no better way to feel very confident about yourself than knowing your stuff, and things you’re good at.

By the time you get used to those skills you developed, you get more confident about yourself almost subconsciously.

Also, you will get more confidence in interacting with people of different age, background, profession and experience.

6. High energy

Those days when you feel low are not coincidence, its because there haven’t been much improvement to boost your energy to begin with.

Science has proven that, the more task you accomplish, the better your mood and energy.

With every task you carry out and accomplish, there is this certain boost of energy and vibe that sometimes you just can’t comprehend it.

However, Its because you now stress less due to the pleasure of getting something done.

You will also notice that you will put less stress on your energy at any you’re doing. Why? You have countless ideas to deal with your tasks.

You will eventually find yourself taken down tasks at will without stress. This is something that could been tougher when you aren’t open.

Not to mention, the improved mood that you will get when you round up those tasks without even putting much energy into them.

7. willingness to change

That part of your thoughts that bangs in your head, that you have limit to what you know, will get you on the edge to change.

Those things holding you back becomes limited.

Those habits you don’t admire begins to fade away, due to learning new things and letting new ideas in.

In addition, life is all about learning. You learn those things that you never knew limited the change you wished for.

In the same way, you develop more confidence alternatively.

It is true that confident is from within but regardless of what life may naturally throw at you, you still have the will to withstand.

The reason some people adhere to changing than others is because they’ve giving in to using their attention wisely and that of others wisely.

It’s not because those who change only made the decision to, but because they also accepted to act on what is right.

Wrap up

As you continue to exist on earth, open mindedness is a trait that is necessary for you to make your existence much easy.

With the required traits to keep up with open mindedness, the ability for you to be open minded cannot be defeated.

This is what separates you from closed minded people. It is something that closed minded people will always ponder on, trying to get things straight.

As you live by it on a regular basis, you literally live the life of a winner, and grow yourself beyond limits.

Whether you’re aware of these great happenings or not, you must know that those around you can see them all

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