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7 Strategies to Control Spousal Abuse And Domestic Violence.

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Last updated on September 12th, 2019 at 01:25 pm

alt="spousal abuse and domestic violence illustrated by a clock illustrating that it's time to put an end to the violence in the relationship or marriage"
Spousal abuse

Spousal abuse and domestic violence shouldn’t be a problem without solutions, with the right measures, it can be tackled successfully.

We all know that everything that is regarded as a problem, has solutions to them right?

So, strategies should be applied to ensure the solutions becomes a success.

Abuse on it’s own is regarded as an imroper use and misuse of something or improper treatment and unjust application of something wrongfully.

Spousal abuse or abuse in relationship or marriage means the various improper treatment rendered upon a spouse that is considered unjust, wrongful or bad purpose.

In relationships and marriages, the signs of abuse you should be looking at comes in various ways. They could be physically, emotionally, financially or sexually.

Just before i let you know the right strategies to make sure domestic violence are controlled.

it’s important you know how the violence occurs.

The meaning of Spousal Abuse has been vividly explained. However, the types and how they occur will be next thing to look at.

Spousal abuse in relationships and marriages

If there’s one thing I to advise any couple, it’s not just knowing these domestic violence and what it means.

There’s also need to know the practical strategies that should be applied whenever such domestic violence comes up.

To tackle this, the various types of the spousal abuses should be taken note of to apply the strategies judiciously.

The spousal abuse differs from the abuse that takes place outside of marital homes.

Below are the spousal abuse in relationships and marriages :

  • Physical abuse – this is the act of making forceful and harmful attacks on the spouse irrespective of what was involved in the hit.
  • Finicial abuse this is the act of leaving your spouse to carry the family burden financially alone and deprivation of your spouse’s part in your finances.
  • Emotional abuse – emotional abuse is intentionally or unintentionally depriving your spouse of love, care, emotions, attention and needs.
  • Sexual abuse – the Sexual abuse is intentionally or unintentionally depriving your spouse’s attention for his or her desire for healthy intimacy.

The above explained spousal abuse and domestic violence above are the 4 main types of abuse in relationships and marriages.

There are many other forms of abuse but those are not related to the violence in relationships and marriages.

Although, some could only be regarded as a similar or related to any of the spousal abuse in relationships and marriages.

Abuse outside relationships and marriages

The abuse outside of relationships and marriages are the ones that are found in our society.

The following are the abuse outside of relationships and marriages :

  • Verbal abuse – the verbal abuse are aggressive and dis-heartened spoken words that are directed to someone without considerations or cautions.
  • Drug abuse – this is the intentional or unintentional misuse or improper use of drugs that could turn out to be disastrous to the person who got involved in it.
  • Discriminatory abuse Discriminatory abuse is act of making decisions based on prejudice to set one apart because of certain differences.
  • Psychological abuse – this kind of abuse refers to unfavorable act done that affects one emotionally, mentally and behavioral characteristics.
  • Child abuse – the child abuse is the degree of emotional, physical or sexual mistreatment of a child that causes long-term of permanent damage.

Causes of abuse in relationships and marriages

The causes of spousal abuse arises in relationships and marriages as a result of couples not recognizing the abuses in their relationships.

Even if they are aware of them, they take them for granted and show no sign of sorting things out.

However, what you fail to realize is that these abuses just keeps on getting worse even.

As a result of getting worse and not getting fixed, it only leads to failed relationships and marriages at the end.

So, the main cause however is because these acts are not regarded as what they are from the couples.

Explicitly, it starts as a habit that gradually develops into these spousal abuse and domestic violence.

Though, it’s not wrong to think that lack of communication and understanding caused it.

But then, it still boils down to the ignorance of the acts and it’s effects to the relationship or marriage.

We shall now look how you can fix all these in your relationship or marriage :

Strategies to control spousal abuse and domestic violence

We all know that every relationship or marriage has it’s own challenges right?

But what distinguishes the good relationship from the bad relationship is the understanding present.

Also, how they work together as a team to put these challenges at ease.

Let’s now look at those strategies you can use to tackle all these :

1 Join a support group

As your relationship or marriage gets older, the more you should reach out to support groups that will be willing to help each other with problems.

The support group is a group of people actually.

Ideally, you would want to make sure that the support group is basically like-minded people as you.

also, they should be the kind of people you can trust.

Note : don’t share your problems randomly with people without expecting proper solutions from them.

Also, make sure they are open to you as well if you decide to go with it.

It should be a group of similar problems such that the other could share a solution that works for he or she.

Remember, it should be a group of people that you can trust and expect such from them in return.

2 Develop other involvement

When you’re experiencing any sort of domestic violence in your relationship or marriage, there’s need for extra involvement.

You also have the right to involve legal practitionals that will ensure your right to enjoy a healthy married life is safe guarded.

If you can take this bold step to do it as soon as possible, you will stand a greater chance to get things in control.

What i mean by gaining control is to actually balance things out. But please don’t go overboard and make it seem like a threat to your spouse.

It should just be an act to balance things out and gain your ground.

There’s no need for you to put pressure on your spouse at the course of it though, try to weigh things out on this.

If your spouse seem not to be comfortable with it, adjust and take other strategies into considerations.

However, in case things doesn’t seem to get any better after words, proceed with it, i got your back on it.

3 Call an abuse hot line

The abuse hot line is not just there, they’re backbones to cases related to these kind of scenarios.

They are actually there specifically for any sort of abuse you could be facing.

Even though the abuse hot line cannot offer any solution at that point in time, it will terminate any further harm of domestic violence.

If you eventually you make the call, i will advise you follow it up quickly with reliable actions.

It could be presenting what warranted you to call the abuse hot line to any support group you have chosen to join.

This sort of mixed actions on your part is a sort of direction to make sure proper strategy is carried out to control the domestic violence you could be facing.

Also, you could follow it up by letting your counselor know about it.

4 Develop a support system

Look for techniques and substantial practice you need to gather and let it be your call to action when such actions occurs.

However, this strategy shouldn’t be a strategy without proper backups.

How do i mean? When you portray signs of been hurt by the spousal abuse too often, you encourage your spouse to do more.

In other words, act like you aren’t really hurt by them and watch how things turns out.

In addition, look for subtle means to help you get your mind off it if you can’t seem to take it.

So, the backup i meant actually is any other strategies to rely on, just incase your spouse gets too stubborn to succumb to it.

There will be no need to overlook other strategies when this one doesn’t work, don’t die in silence, take proper actions.

5 Try to get counseling

You should already have known how useful counselings are especially when it comes to your career, personal life and friends

Try your possible best to get yourself one when you encounter such spousal abuse and domestic violence.

At least getting one in regards to a problem like this is not much at all, think about it.

I have had some people tell me that they don’t get counseling for themselves because it’s not their thing.

Well, bad news for you because not for cases like these. Not the moment situations like these arises.

Counselors are trained people to give quality advise.

All you have to do on your part is to be open minded with them.

Being open with one is also where your degree of open mindedness will be determined.

If you’re aren’t open minded enough, you can barely achieve great results with a counselor.

6 Practice meditation

How often do you meditate? Frequently? Once a day? Some days or never?

If you don’t, i had suggest you put it into practice when problems like spousal abuse occurs.

When such instances happens, one of the very best thing you could do is to meditate.

Think deeply in silence in relation to the kind of spousal abuse you could be facing.

This will also help you in developing solid support systems, as i explained earlier above about developing support systems.

Good meditation is not rapidly battling your thoughts.

nope, it’s a state of mind that actually makes you peaceful with your thoughts.

Also, even to the extent you get lost in your surroundings, that’s real meditation!

I advise you do it often, not just when you get hit by a spousal abuse.

Practice it often as it will also help to calm your nerves down to be more relaxed and think deeper.

7 Recognize the abuses

Finally, make sure you recognize whatever domestic violence it is you’re experiencing.

No problem can be solved without you even realizing the problem, you remember?

So, put good efforts into recognition of these spousal abuse.

Remember, you want a healthy relationship or marriage and your goal is to make efforts to save it.

These spousal abuse and domestic violence are killers of relationships and marriages.

As a result, the earlier you discover the spousal abuse, the better for the relationship or marriage.

You also don’t want something that will bring you down psychologically.

so, it’s better you face it before it gets to you.

Wrap up

Any relationship or marriage experiencing spousal abuse just haven’t recognized it yet and it’s effects.

As important as it is to recognize and know the effects of spousal abuse, so it is to take measures in terminating them.

However, if you have followed up with the spousal abuse types in relationships and marriages, then you can easily recognize them.

They’re are the determinant on how well a relationship or marriage could turn out.

With patience and proper implementation of the strategies coupled with a desire to save a relationship or marriage, positive results are guaranteed.

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