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7 Limitations of Comfort Zone Everyone Should Know

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alt="an image of a pencil and sharpener ready for use, and illustrating the comfort zone"
Comfort zone

It happens that comfort zone has its limitations, but is barely known by most people. I wish the limitations were much less though.

It makes sense to say that living your best life starts when you stop being in your comfort zone, but the next question may be why?

Not many till today have been able to really figure out the limitations that comes with being in comfort zone.

Human beings are bound to go through life challenges. The only difference is that the challenges could differ.

However, being in comfort zones doesn’t prepare you to scale through these life challenges and reach greater heights.

In situations when you don’t stretch yourself out from the zone, it will cause certain limitations you barely know about.

If you have got really big goals and wishes to achieve greater things, stepping out from the comfort zone is a great place to start.

On the other hand, if you don’t step out from your comfort zone, then there are really big things you will be missing.

That is what am going to point out in this article. Without much ado, let’s get started…

Out of comfort zone meaning

To break it down, getting out of comfort zone means haven to do those things you actually don’t feel comfortable doing.

In other words, to be in your comfort zone means deliberately refusing to do to those things you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Your comfort zone is your behavioral space that you spend most of your time in.

It is a space where your behaviours and activities fit routines and pattern that minimises your perception of risk and stress.

Leaving your comfort zone will have to do with you accepting to do things you don’t like or comfortable with.

The comfort level will be determined by how committed or uncommitted you are.

That is how you tend to be towards doing those things you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with.

Because comfort itself can be a feeling, so comfort zone tend to be relaxed for most people.

but ironically, where your comfort zone ends is where life begins.

Ben Francia said “Great things never came from comfort zone”

Michael John Bobak. Said “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” 

Sean Patrick Flanery said “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Comfort zone circle

Although, it is not comfortable stepping out from comfort zones, but when you weigh the prize that comes with it, you know it’s worth it.

That’s much like sacrificing it for something else you admire.

That thing could be limited to just a thing or not, but stepping out from it opens you up to lot’s of other benefits.

When you stay in your comfort zone, it makes you reluctant to get busy, and limits your ability to attain certain heights in life.

So it is good to get out of your comfort zone because by doing that, it puts you ahead and exposes you to achieving great things in life.

That means if you want to live a more fulfilling life and stay at the top of your game, you should push yourself out from your comfort zone.

As a result of that, it is regarded as dangerous because it has a tendency to make you live wastefully even though it may seem safe.

So, how do you leave the comfort zone? The following would help you achieve that :

  • Accept things you don’t consider
  • Converse with strangers
  • Ask what others hate
  • Master being comfortable with anything
  • Value everything and everyone
  • Get your routines working
  • Embrace your fears
  • Dont control everything
  • Track your goals and value them

However, to expand your comfort zone, you must be willing to trust and take your time while deciding to produce smart decisions.

If there are things you do everyday, it would be cool if you do them slightly different daily.

Comfort zone synonyms and examples

Sure it has it’s synonyms as well as examples.

Without understanding the synonyms, it could be easy for one to be confuse hearing the word “comfort zones”

Also, one could easily be wondering what some of the examples of being in comfort zones are, assuming they want to check some things out.

Let’s see what they are :

The phrase “comfort zone” has its Synonyms as well. The following are the other names and synonyms of it :

  • Consolation
  • Pleasure
  • Solacement
  • relief
  • Assuagement
  • Pleasance
  • Alleviation

On the other hand, the opposite of “comfort zone” is “danger zone

Some examples of it includes :

  • Internet surfing
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Pornography
  • Shopping e.t.c

The limitations of being in it

Haven known enough about the comfort zone, it’s circle, Synonyms and examples, let’s take a look at it’s limitations.

The following are the limitations of comfort zone everyone should know :

1. Limits you from improving your skills

Potentials and skills could be hidden because you didn’t choose to step out from your comfort zone to explore and discover them.

If you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd, it starts with having comprehensive knowledge and ideas.

Whether those ideas and knowledge are practical or expiremental, it doesn’t matter at all.

You may be destined to be great and be an expert in certain fields with potential skills, but it would not be possible to attain those in comfort zones.

In addition to that, because skills are things you sometimes acquire or learn, not stepping out from the zone means limiting your chances of discovering them.

However, if you have already acquired or learned certain skills, you should also know you don’t have limits to what you can acquire.

Also, there’s always room for improvements in whatever it is you do.

Improving those skills will also prepare you for achieving greater things than you are already dealing with.

Talking about skills, here is a great article on income streams you can start today to showcase your skills.

2. Limits you from achieving your goals

Your goals aren’t going to come as easy as you always thought, they’ll require great efforts from you.

Stepping out from that zone will definitely boost your chances of achieving your goals, short or long term.

No matter the result you are trying to achieve in life, without stepping out from that zone, it’s always impossible.

Those results will remain dormant without any significant changes.

Whether your goals scares you or not, being too relaxed will only make it seem like not having goals at all.

The truth is that achieving great results requires you to be able to be up and doing, to make sure you crush your goals.

The quote that says “if your goals doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough” is not for those who don’t try to step out from their comfort zone.

Anybody can be in the zone, but very few are always capable of saying NO to it.

Unless you know you don’t have goals, but if you do have goals, it is very important you step out from comfort zones.

3. Limits you from connecting with the right people

The right people to assist and add great value to you in every aspects of your life are out there.

They are the go-getters, hardworkers, mentors, realist and winners.

However, these people stepped out from their comfort zones right before you met them or thought of it.

So, because they have taken the step to get out from this comfortable but dangerous zone, they seem quite far from you already.

In that case, how do you make sure you stand a chance of connecting with them? It’s Simple, play along with them like they did to make that possible.

Therefore, stepping out of that zone like they did means to ensure you engross in the same zone level to stand a chance of connecting with them.

They are in their own world and they hope to connect with people like them, but you have to act first.

That is to say, the actions you should take should comply with you leaving your comfort zones.

4. Keeps you away from trying new things

Because you are too relaxed in the zone, there will be no zeal or desire to try new things during your spare times.

Like you already know, trying new things doesn’t necessarily mean you must be creative.

it means giving yourself an opportunity to discover instances where you can discover your skills.

In the long run, those skills you acquired and the new things you did, will help you in achieving your goals, no matter how big they could be.

Most people often want to try new things, at least for self-improvement, but they only discover they weren’t able to try new things at the end.

They still fail to recognize it’s because they were dwelling in their comfort zones, which was limiting them from trying new things.

You will definitely be missing out by not having to try new things.

Most people never thought of not trying new things actually, it’s the comfort zones that limits them from doing new things.

5. Limits you from utilizing opportunities

As you experience every bit of life, there are opportunities that may go by along with those days.

However, most of them are even less obvious. They are mostly in form of disguise, until you unwrap it first.

Before you get the chance to unwrap any, there are both mental and actionable role you should play on your part.

These roles are there to make sure your chances of utilizing opportunities are not limited.

Nevertheless, mental and actionable roles on your side doesn’t lie within comfort zones, they lie outside of it.

That means until you have stepped out from that zone, attaining those mental and actionable traits will certainly be impossible.

In that case, what will be the end result? Your daily ability to grab those life opportunities will clearly suffer for real.

Since most life opportunities are in great disguise, in order to recognize them or have the opportunity to grab one, then you need to step out.

6. Limits you from getting stronger

Stepping out from the comfort zones tend to scare many people because of the life challenges out there.

That is not suppose to be case for you because on the flip side, that will also make you stronger.

Life challenges will always be there, so going through all these challenges and surviving each and every one of them will make you stronger.

Being strong on the other hand, helps you to keep pushing.

Those goals you thought were too big and sometimes scare you, becomes minor to you.

Now you then strive for bigger ones because you have become strong enough to achieve those goals.

In addition, you also appear impressive to others without even trying.

When you decide to do anything, it becomes a less stressful task to you, and you just can’t help but give in your best in whatever you do.

Nonetheless, you can’t get stronger in life if you have never been challanged or passed through tough times.

Not to mention, your mental strength will also have a lot to benefit from all of it.

7. Limits you from showing passion for something

You could desire to show passion for something, but being in comfort zones will be a limitation to executing it.

You never know what it is you could develop passion for until you try that thing out and become consistent on it.

Passion on the other hand, is a powerful emotion that keeps you tied and optimal at whatever it is you develop likeness for.

The passion you show for anything will be as a result of stepping out from your comfort zones, to put your efforts into that thing.

However, it is also possible for someone to be occupied with something but lack passion for that thing.

One vital way to bring in passion into that thing is to understand that, being too relaxed at it without putting efforts into it will make you lack passion for it.

So, could dwelling in your comfort zone stand a chance to make this possible?

Not at all, there is no way that is going to be possible.

That passion is not to be neglected, because it’s also key to being effective and productive in whatever you do.

Wrap up

Even though most people don’t know the limitations of comfort zones, it is always good to know and avoid them.

The comfort zone means deliberately refusing to do those things that are not pleasurable or comfortable to you.

Staying in comfort zones makes you reluctant to get busy with important things and reaching greater heights.

Pleasure and assuagement are some synonymous of it, while some examples of it are gambling, alcohol and drugs.

This article about the limitations of comfort zones is to serve as a means to let you know what’s on board, and inspire you to endeavor to step out from it.

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