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5 Mentoring Benefits to Expect From Having a Mentor

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Are you wondering what the mentoring benefits are? – and for that matter, from a mentor? In this article, you’ll know five benefits to expect.

The mentoring benefits of a mentor can never seize to be valued in human race. This is why their effects on growth and development is precious.

Who is your mentor? Do you have one or not? Just in case your answer is YES, congrats, you already got big things going on for you.

If you answered NO to that, it’s sad to say that you have been missing out.

Commitment, ability to inspire, clear set of values, selflessness, appreciation and ability to overcome obstacles makes a good mentor.

So, if you had wanted to become mentor or brand mentor, these are the features you should take into considerations.

Mentors are so important, because they make your ability to reach greater heights in life attainable and much easier.

Even companies use them when it calls for one, when they want to reach their goals, clear up tasks and ease the whole thing up.

However, whether people trust a mentor or not, it depends on the kind of mentor they are dealing with. Is he the good type or not?

Mentors could appear experienced, successful, authoritative and influential, but aside these, the good ones people truly trust offers more than these on a deeper level.

Not all mentors work, most of then are all about the watch-out for people who are open to them, that working becomes less of a priority.

Attracting or building relationship with mentor is never difficult. As long as you can spot one, you just need to make it known to them that you see them as a mentor, and be open to them.

As long as you’re dealing with one with the characteristics, they’ll welcome you and appreciate your honesty, vision, smartness and guts.

Hit points on benefits of a mentor

Mentors are successful because of their knowledge, positivity, experiences, intellect, wisdom and smartness.

As a result of these, mentors manages to inspire you, motivate you, establish you, boost your confidence, and of course, helps you to excel.

You see, good mentors are like the cornerstone to living a fulfilled life.

According to the meaning of a mentor, it’s someone approachable who can walk you through the right paths to take.

If one doesn’t influence you positively in any way related to these, it means you’re getting it all wrong.

That’s not the right mentor you’re dealing with.

Unless you just really like that person’s company, but if you’re in need of one, then that is a wrong choice.

Your mentors could be friends, family members, spouse, colleagues, elders, coaches, counselors and celebrities.

It doesn’t really calls for a particular position for one to be a mentor, as long as you’re able to find cure-values and usefulness in that person.

Mentoring benefits of a mentors

Ready to know the benefits of a mentor? Right, it’s time for us to explore so you can find out what they are.

Below are mentoring benefits you can expect from a mentor.

1. Influences in things you want to be good at

One thing about mentors is that they don’t come out to tell you point black saying, “hey, I want to be your mentor”

No, they don’t. What you should really watch out for is how that person seems to welcome and make you feel relaxed.

Also, how he or she listens to you and makes possible efforts to advice you appropriately, or give nice opinions on what is best to be done.

All you have to do is to figure out if that person is one who passes hints of solid advise, motivation and inspiration that boost your confidence.

As simple as that, really. Not much.

What separates mentors from other people who’re good at something is that, they make sure your open-mindedness and honesty to them for advise or suggestions doesn’t be a waste.

They make efforts to help you deal with difficulties related to things you want to be good at.

Even if they aren’t knowledgeable at that thing (which is rare) you needed to improve, they make sure they have something of value of contribute.

They’re good listeners, so, if you intend to consider someone knowledgeable at things you want to be good at, that will be super!

The next big thing to look for is if the person influences you in one way or the other to be better at those things you had love to do well at.

This is where a good mentor comes in and makes sure you achieve your goals at no cost.

It wouldn’t be cool if want to be good at something only to find yourself wasting time with one who’s not contributing to your progress.

2. Influences positively on families

Good mentors are people you can share certain things with and be safe.

You already know how vital it is to keep family and relationship problems private. Keeping your private life secret is crucial.

On the other hand, there are times when you may need to share certain problems, but with trusted people actually.

You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of spilling them out to random people that won’t offer helping hands.

Usually, mentors are experienced people who live right, so, the best they could do is to ensure you benefit from their experiences.

The good life they have lived, and are living is exactly what they can’t help but make sure you learn from as well.

Knowing the fact that you barely see trusted people you can relate with concerning your family or private life, good mentors will make you count on them about those aspects.

They’re the ones you can rely on when you are looking for ways to improve your family life private life.

Infact, from their level of wisdom and knowledge, they’re your best bet when you’re thinking of any advise concerning the family.

Good mentors will also tell you how you should deal with certain life challenges.

I carried out a study sometime and discovered that in most of the best families, at least, one member of the family has a good mentor.

This makes it one of the most desirable mentoring benefits of a mentor.

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3. Influences positively on upbringing

It’s a fact that you can’t underrate the mentoring benefits of a mentor when it comes to upbringing.

This is strictly important for kids, and it’s very advisable that parents should take it into considerations.

Although, it’s not right to choose a mentor for them. All you have to do as parent is to keep a close watch on them.

Find out who they tend to get closer to, pay more attention to and shows more respect to.

All you have to do afterwards is to figure out if that person portrays qualities of a good mentor, like it was earlier stated.

If it happens that the person your child is close to is worthy to be a good mentor for your child, encourage him or her.

Also, encourage your child as well, since none of you will be losing.

By doing that, your child will be cared for, thought how to behave, and gain other fundamentals of good upbringing, as he or she grows.

Apart from parental care, good mentoring is another way to ensure a good upbringing for kids.

Remember, it’s all about the positive effects of the mentors on them, so, it’s an addition to what you’re contributing to your child’s upbringing.

Kids don’t just like any random person, something about the person made them to.

As a result of that, they tend to listen and respect what they’re been told by that person they like.

There are certain things kids don’t listen to from their parents, especially things pertaining their upbringing, but it’s surprising that a mentor stocks those in their head.

4. Influences positively on career

Have you been in situations where you can’t seem to make the right choice of career for yourself?

Or maybe you have been having hard times with your career?

This where a good mentor comes in. Remember that mentors are knowledgeable and experienced people.

Although, depending on the person you encounter, how inclined he or she is with the career still matters.

Even if that particular mentor is not inclined with the career you have in mind, they’ll inspire and motivate you on it.

Incase you are having hard times choosing the best career, they’re experts at figuring out careers that are best suited for you.

All a good mentor has to do is to put a finishing touch to it, and you’re good to go.

For example, if you’re confuse about choosing a career between music and football, a good one will not just help you chase the right one, they’ll help you find your purpose.

Apart from helping you chase the right one, they’ll also help you discover your hidden potentials, and you’ll end up choosing the right career yourself.

Their experiences and knowledge will sort things out the way they’re meant to be.

5. Influences positively on confidence

When you sum up all the impacts a mentor has on someone, you can see that it should give a boost in confidence.

If you aren’t convinced with that yet, it’s important to know that mentors just makes you believe in yourself.

It could be from the way they converse with you, from the way they point out things you’re doing right, and how they encourage you to do more on things you aren’t doing right yet.

They will always believe in you, so, they try to illustrate that to you through words and actions.

Confidence is also important in making impacts in your society, apart from just being confident.

Even if you think you’re the worst confident person, by the time you begin to see the mentoring benefits from who you chose to be your mentor, your confidence will skyrocket.

Even though it seems like it can’t happen, you will still notice drastic improvement in your confidence, anyways.

All you have to do is to make sure you’re open with your mentor, he or she will know how to give you confidence boosting words and actions.

It’s like a skill in them. That’s why you will always appreciate them, because you will get to learn a lot from them.

Wrap up

Good mentors are crucial in human race and development.

The good ones has a good degree of qualities you should take note of, especially when you’re in need of one.

Be yourself. He or she should get hints that you value their relationship, opinions, advise and time, then getting close to one will be super easy.

They’re important. Companies needs them, team needs them, everybody needs one, and so do you.

Build good relationship with one you admire, be open to them, listen to them, learn from them, and let them influence those aspects of your life colorfully.

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