5 Crucial Reasons Why You Actually Lost all Motivation

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As important as motivation is to boost your willingness to carry out an action, especially in behavior, knowing why it’s lost is not a myth.

If you have lost all motivation, it’s probably because there were things you weren’t doing right

You don’t have to worry though, this article will let you know why and how to fix it.

Just incase you have been wondering why or what have been slowing you down or hindering you from getting to where you always wanted to be, you definitely have not been well motivated.

You can actually find motivation simply by resisting the negative motivators, which i will be elaborating later on.

When we talk about negative motivators, they are nothing but those voices in your head that you tend to pay attention to.

Difference between positive and negative motivation

So let’s face it, there is the positive and negative motivation, and the negative motivation is an example of why you lost all motivation.

The negative motivators are those voices in your head that wrongly decides what your next moves or actions should be.


The positive motivators are those strong oppositional thoughts you have in your head that surpresses the negative motivators, and rightfully decides your next moves and actions.

Irrespective of these, until you conquer the battle on the inside, you can’t deal with that of the battle on the outside.

So what does that mean? It means that both the negative motivation and positive motivation are fighting for dominance in your head.

The one that conquer’s the other will have control over your actions and moves.

In that case, you need to come up with “way to go” actions to support the positive motivators in conquering the negative motivators.

Examples of the nagative motivation includes :

  • Replacing “i can” with “i can’t
  • Controlled by pains
  • Unwillingness for continuity
  • Poorly selected routines
  • Unbothered by failure and incomplete tasks

Examples of the positive motivators on the other hand includes :

  • Willingness for continuity
  • Strives to succeed and clear up tasks
  • Utilizing “i can” optimally
  • Decides rightly on dealing with pains
  • Uses routines to work on goals

To recap, negative motivation directs wrongly, positive motivation directs rightly, but must be battled out by you.

How can you build the motivation?

Actually, the best way to motivate your yourself is to avoid these negative motivators, think big and avoid all negative thoughts.

If you aren’t able to do that, you are giving room for the negative motivators, not minding its negative effects on you.

Sadly enough, you just keep on acting on those negative voices in your head.

Nevertheless, if you lost all motivation, it all boils down to the mindset at the end of the day.

Being Open minded is great though, its also a way you could use to improve your mindset in some cases.

However, The sure fire way to keep your mindset motivated is to identify and detest these negative voices in your head.

So, if you really care to increase your motivation, the best place to start is to identify the negative voices in your head as well as avoiding the negative motivators.

The findings may have important implications for understanding why people with mental illness such schizophrenia are listening to negativities in their head.

Haven known that lack of motivation is basically affected by negative thoughts and negative motivators, let’s see what those negative motivators are.

5 negative motivators that you to lose motivation

If you really want to stay driven, positive and motivated, then it can be achieved when you avoid these five negative motivators.

Until we learn how to filter the negative voices from the positive voices in our heads, we only cause more harm to ourselves.

Here are the five negative motivators to avoid :

1 The dictator

One of the major reason you lost all motivation is because of the dictator.

Now, if you want to evaluate motivation, it’s important you don’t let the dictator have control over you.

When you let the dictator have control over you, you begin to lack sustainability which in return makes you listen to those negative thoughts in your head.

For example, a negative motivaton word like ‘can’t’ is one of those dictators in your head that you often listen to over positive motivation word like ‘can’

The inability for you to maintain those right positive motivation word, makes you lose your ground.

You can see that both ‘can’t’ and ‘can’ determines what your next moves or actions could be.

The negative dictator forces you to have a drawback when you attain or about to attain a certain level. Its a false voice in your head to reject.

So, the goal is to use the dictator to your advantage only of course, when you can recognize the negative dictators in head and filter them out from the positive dictators.

The most important thing to note is that, it forces you to do certain things that are irrelevant to your goals or purpose in life.

Way to go?

It is left for you to recognize those voices in your head that suggests wrong thougts or actions.

Just know you own yourself. its a matter of you being able to control your thoughts and actions to make sure you reach your goal.

If you need help on how to do that, see those negative voices in your head as negative motivators, that way you will be able to have control over yourself.

Just like the example i stated earlier, ‘can’t‘ is one of those negative motivators so to say while ‘can‘ is one the positive motivators.

Figure out which are yours and determine what you do with them.

Rather than following negative voices that withdraws you back, replace them with positive voices to get you on track.

If you lost all motivation as a result of this, First, you have to figure them out!

2 Over analyzing on the pain

Certain things that cost us pain are due to happen in life and you really don’t have control over them.

Over analyzing on things you can’t control makes you prone to listening to negative voices in your head and acting on negative motivators, which brings us the first point.

So, if you really want to stay positive and motivated at work, it’s important you don’t over analyze on any pain you could be going through so you don’t give room for negative dictators as well.

Also, the thing about over analyzing on pains is that, it begins to give you unecessary reasons to withdraw from valid decisions you began.

how you analyze on the pain determines how your negative and positive motivation would turn out.

Over analyzing on the pain also triggers those feelings that life is not worth it and it begins to act as a negative motivator on you.

Way to go?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a thought about a pain, that’s what every normal human would do.

Even, am in support of the motion that when you’re hurt, think about it, cry if you had to and let it all out but quickly forget about it as soon as you do all these.

If there happen to be a solution to the pain, begin to work on it ASAP, as soon as possible of course.

This way, you begin to control how you analyze on a any pain you could be facing.

Also, you begin to understand more that there are things in life we really can’t control, that’s when you begin to control your thoughts.

Now, if you can control your thoughts, you should be just fine with being able to identify and rejecting the negative motivators.

Don’t let your emotions get over you that you begin to act out of your emotions not minding the consequences.

You can be super motivated when you take charge of your emotions.

Its not cool saying you lost all motivation when you let your emotions get in the way.

3. Inconsistent actions

Ever wondered why achievers get to where they are? That’s because they were consistent with what they are doing.

Not just that, it motivated them as well, just incase you dont know.

Nothing kills the will to keep on doing something than Inconsistent actions. also, the mood dies off when you are not consistent on it.

Get rid of those negative voices telling you now and then to slow down with what you are doing.

Consistent actions are another sure fire way to make sure you stay positive and motivated at work.

Way to go?

I know you have other fun things to do, but procrastinating relevant actions does no good on the goals you’re working on.

Likewise, being Inconsistent does not give a boost to your morale on something you’re working on.

Shortly, without you noticing, your desire to keep on doing that thing begins fade away, especially when you don’t have much passion for it.

So, in other not to give room for poor morale that leads to lack of motivation, it’s important you don’t get Inconsistent.

A typical example is a footballer who has been on the bench for so long. Now, is he consistent in the pitch? NO so how do you expect his morale to be? POOR.

in that case, will you say he has high motivaton to play the game? The answer is NO

4. Unnecessary routines

Your routines should be in synchronization with your goals. detest those voices telling you to deviate from the right ones.

Be logical here. when you have a particular goal to meet, would you rather engage in things that helps you achieve the goal or the other way round?

We all know routines are things that improves us which we love doing often as planned.

When you engage in routines contrary to the goal you want to meet, you are screaming – “am not interested in my goal!”

Way to go?

Many people have lost all motivation as a result of engaging in some routines that does not charge them up.

In order for you to motivate yourself not to be lazy, start with doing necessary routines you love, ranging from the tedious to non-detious ones.

This way, you begin to get more hardworking as a result of being used to doing something tedious.

This is one of those positive motivation methods you can apply any time.

So, thanks to your engagement with necessary routines you love that made you used to tedious things, that motivated you not to be lazy.

Now, here’s a greater news, you will get even more motivated when you see benefits from it in getting closer to your goal.

Good way to motivate yourself!

5. Much resistance to things that matters

How does an uncompleted or undone task tend affects you?

That’s what you should actually consider if you want to be motivated.

You lost all motivation because, you didn’t consider this at all.

Negative motivaton is based on the fact that, its always on the negative and that’s it.

You see, just like i earlier stated, the differences between positive and negative motivaton, starts with how resistant you seem over something undone or incomplete.

So, its important you don’t misunderstand worrying about things that doesn’t matter for the things that actually matters.

This is important if you are ready to motivate yourself in all aspects of life.

Way to go?

Identify those things that really matters in your life, your careers and goals, then begin to feel affected when you lack on them.

In addition, when you have sorted these out, use the point 3 and point 4 especially to back it up.

Also, while you make efforts to resist resistance to things that matter, its important you know how to utilize opportunities

When you master this art professionally, i bet you, the rest of other ways to go about in being more motivated, will begin to fall in place.

Its simple. If things that matters doesn’t affect you, how can you develop the right mindset and actions towards then?

So you see, its that simple!

Wrap up

Losing motivation or gaining it got to do with the type of motivation that conquered the other in your head.

While the negative motivators and positive motivators are the two determinants, one is harmful, and that is the negative motivator.

Identify and detest those negative motivators in your head to build your motivation and make sure not to let them in when you can.

Utilize the “way to go” strategies so you can scale through the toughness that may come with overcoming the negative motivators.

All through as you practice the positive motivators and actualize on them, you will begin to build momentum on gaining your motivation.

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