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4 Domestic Violence to Avoid For long Lasting Relationship

Last updated on February 23rd, 2020 at 08:23 pm

alt="Elderly couples holding a heart to signify their efforts to work together as a team and avoid domestic violence"
Absence of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious relationship spoiler. For over a long period of time up till now, just few couples can tell a jack about it.

One of the major key to long lasting relationship is a thought that most people in relationships tend to find answers to, but can’t.

In order to ensure that you keep a long lasting relationship, you have to avoid those domestic violence in relationships.

There are four of these domestic violence

I will be elaborating on them and if you can get rid of them, you have the answers you’re looking for.

When we talk about domestic violence in relationships and marriages, they’re often things that you overlook.

have it in mind that, they’re unwarranted acts that are done intentionally or subconsciously, especially to hurt as a retaliation.

A serious relationship or marriage is basically being mature and maintaining a healthy relationship that can be achieved by avoiding the domestic violence.

Long term relationship

Just in case, long term relationship works when you consider it as a serious and healthy relationship that abstain’s from domestic violence.

So to recap, domestic violence are unwarranted acts done intentionally or subconsciously especially to hurt as a retaliation

It’s not blood shed like many would think, or I suppose. No, it’s not.

Grab that early, I want us to be on the same page.

Now, we can clearly see that the key to a long term relationship in general, is dependent on the absence of domestic violence.

In that case, it boils down to how you control domestic violence in your relationship.

However, the domestic violence are categorized into four different groups, that couples should avoid for a long term relationship.

How it affects relationship

These domestic violence in relationships and marriages kills the bond between them.

The partners involved are not even aware of these domestic violence or what it does.

A long term relationship is one that is/was devine, able to forfeit sacrifices and pass through challenges by enabling a serious relationship (avoiding domestic violence).

In that case, the longest relationship is forever, as there is really no other way to match it to what a long term relationship really is.

In relation to key to long lasting relationship, the meaning and what the longest relationship mean should be clearly examined.

The focus now is on identifying the key to long lasting through figuring out the domestic violence.

Research has proven that, about 70% of relationships and marriages experience these violence.

The rest of the 30% that don’t experience it have taken notes of what goes on in the relationship, the violence and it’s harms, as well as how to go about them.

Key points to combat domestic violence

Now, am going to specify the key points to combat the domestic violence

before I do that, I want you to say no to domestic violence.

If you can do that and promise not to encourage it, then you will be fully ready to digest these and let it work for you.

Oh, before I forget, please include saying no to the blood shed part as well. *smiles*

Here is the key to long lasting relationship you need to know about :

1. Physical abuse

The physical abuse rarely occurs at an early stage of a relationship. It is a test of how the maturity level of the relationship is attained.

You remember earlier when we pointed out maturity as part of the features to maintain a serious relationship that last

That means, any relationship guilty of the physical abuse is missing an important ingredient (maturity) to ensure a serious relationship.

This one should really go as an important relationship advice for men to keep the journey sailing smoothly.

The women are not left out though, we are talking about relationship here, so it goes to both parties.

It only seem to point more to men because they are the dominant.

In addition, when a man do this, he puts his spouse at the verge of giving up in the relationship.

However, she could be deeply in love with the man for being able to endure the violence you lay on her that forces her to the point of giving up.

To the females still wondering how to tell if he is serious, you can tell if he is serious by how mature he gets with you.

If he’s not mature, he will learn, at least for you.

That’s not a license to break rules though. Regardless of how matured he is supposed to be, you should give him something to respect, so he can respect you.

What could trigger it

Note, I said that these domestic violence are done without the partners knowing about it and its negative effects in the relationship.

Naturally, the man is more dominant than the female, but excessive use of control and authority may result to being physical now.

It could trigger temper when he feels the spouse is not dancing to his tune, that’s not cool.

So, if the man is short tempered, it could also result to physical abuse.

Regardless of what could lead to physical abuse from any party, flaws should be identified.

It is important for the partners to identify their flaws and put love first.

By doing this, the partner begins to give way for less or no room for physical abuse to take place in the relationship.

In as much as that is expected, it is also expected that the both couple get matured to each other and respect each other.

2. Finicial abuse

Ah the money torture.

Just imagine you’re in a relationship or you got married to someone you love and expected so.

You expected he or she to show some sort of care through his or her wealth.

You expect some sort of big things coming your way right?

Yeah, I know, though that was not what made you love the person.

But imagine you began to see the opposite, what would your reactions be? Or how would you feel?

That’s a typical example of what the finicial abuse is all about.

What could the person be thinking, to make you feel less important without caring that you suffer?

This is enough to hurt emotions.

On the contrary, not all relationships and marriages are financially buoyant

but the couple should be open minded, for better relationships

It should happen in such a way that, when one grabs some good money, the partner should know by being told.

Not just being told anyway, but he or she should also rip from it, that’s why it’s a relationship.

The later discovery of this without being known from the on set, may result in something more serious.

I myself don’t know what it could result to. So, to be on the safer side, get open minded with it.

Clearing up confusions

This brings me to point of clearing out the confusion between dating and relationship.

Dating is a gradual process without commitment that develops into a relationship, depending on the connection and mutual feelings.

Relationship on the other hand is already fully established with feelings and has commitment, so everything is now shared between the parties.

However, unlike dating, you can see that in relationship, you can see something different.

You can see that, nothing should be hidden or limited from the other else, it will crush emotions.

Remember, people can be very observant about somethings

So, when your partner notices something negative like this, you don’t expect he or she to feel good.

The key to long lasting relationship is within you. You just have to nurture and harvest it.

In comparison, both partners involved should feel a sense of importance from the finicial source of each other.

Emphasizing on it

This is one of the best relationship advice for couples that may be going through some finicial challenge.

Again, it doesn’t matter the finicial strength of the relationship.

finally, irrespective of the fact that love is not built around money, if you have it anytime, share it with your partner.

3. Emotional abuse

When it comes to emotional abuse, its the women feel for the most.

Why? Because women are emotional beings and far more emotional than men.

How many times do you use your intimate words, intimate note or intimate letter to pass subtle hint of love and care?

Am very sure if you have been to any relationship advice forum, you probably have heard about the power of those.

You see, the less you show that love, care and attention, the more you whip your partner with emotional abuse, especially the women.

More harm about this is that it could affect offsprings.

For example, it could cause daughters to be clingy and emotionally needy.

There’s no need to intentionally or purposely hurt your spouse emotionally, the danger weighs more than think.

Reasons for considerations

According to Lisa Steadman “it’s better to refuse to settle for second-best and be single, than to sacrifice your wants, needs and self-esteem just to be in a relationship”

So, I had advice you use her words to think again when you dampen your partner’s emotions.

Ladies, you can use this to know if he is serious about you. That’s a clue for you though, but you should consider the men too.

Remember, men aren’t robots, they have feelings too and it defers with men, so you never can tell about yours.

Who said that love is not 50 – 50? Though women’s emotions are not to be toyed with, no doubt.

Infact, don’t give women a hint that you’re already trying to temper with their emotions, you’ll be looking for trouble.

To add to that as well, most women will mark you out despite the fact that about their love, it can cost their interest as well.

I would advise you keep check of your partner’s emotions from time to time.

Make it a task for a necessary task follow up with so you don’t begin to deviate from it all of a sudden.

4. Sexual abuse

Another key to long lasting relationship you should know about is the sexual part.

Couples that are more intimate are proven to have healthier relationship.

The frequency matters as well as the attention to the partner’s need for more intimacy

so it’s something to pay attention to.

A study was taken, and it reports that often times, it’s either the man or the woman that suffers starvation of quality intimacy.

But is that supposed to be a good signal of a healthy relationship looking to be a long lasting one?

The fact remains that, no matter how it tends to overlooked, it is a healthy relationship red flag that needs to terminated.

And it’s termination is one you got to do pretty quick, as fast as you can for minimal risk of damage to the relationship.

Spice things up

At this point, to light things up, intimacy message could come in handy

as long as the both parties are comfortable with it.

Would you really prefer it’s your partner and someone else?

Well, that’s a question you should take into proper considerations.

Most partners are known to introduce some intentional acts, and depriving their spouse of sex in their relationship.

It creates loop holes and affects a good relationship.

So, if you want key to long lasting relationship, get more intimate.

Although, you may do the intentional act to be as a pay back or due to slight misunderstandings but it’s not worth it.

Have you ever wondered why couples tend to have make up sex?

Yeah, figure that out and you’ll know why healthy sex should be embraced in relationships and marriages.

This is also important when taking into considerations about any advice on relationship problems.

Finally, instead of embracing sexual abuse when ever there’s a minor misunderstanding, use diplomacy.

Talk things out, rather than using this as a weapon.

You should look out for means of resolving things, no matter how difficult that particular thing may seem.

It is better than ending up doing things are likely to jeopardize the relationship your may be struggling to protect.

Wrap up

The avoidance of domestic violence is the solid foundation on which a healthy and long lasting relationship is built on.

One of the dangers of domestic violence is that it is capable of cutting a relationship short, even with the motive of making it work.

It is true that most couples still haven’t taken note of these domestic violence and how it affects relationship.

But finding out about these and making efforts to uphold the love together will guarantee a long relationship.

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